Draco in Muggle Clothes
by deathjunke


Title: Redemption
Author: silenceberry
Pairing: Harry, Draco
Rating: PG-13
Genre: AR with complain of HBP
Warnings: cursing
Word Count: 2,159
Summary: Draco has choices to make, but will he make the correct one.
Author's Note:Thank you to NyxEris for being my beta on the last minute, I appreciate all the help you have given me and to the mods for giving me and extra day, when they heard the problem I had. Thank you so very much.

Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by JK Rowling, various publishers including but not limited to Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic Books and Raincoast Books, and Warner Bros., Inc. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.


He has surrendered everything that he is...and all because he wanted redemption.

Life had always come so easy for him since the first day he opened his eyes. Everything he had ever wished for, he got; however, everything changed after his failed attempt at killing the greatest wizard of their time.

He had done everything. He had fixed the damn vanishing cabinet that would let the Death Eaters into the castle, and he had managed to corner a weak Dumbledore at the top of the astronomy tower; but at the last minute he stopped, his wand pointing at Dumbledore's chest, he couldn't utter the words that would kill the greatest wizard of their time. He didn't even stammer the words, he just didn't say them at all; he stood there, frozen, staring at Dumbledore until his godfather came, and with a swift coldness killed Dumbledore and took his arm and guided him out of the tower.

They ran like the killers they were, not even stopping to catch their breath; they were almost into the forbidden forest when Harry came out following them and threw a curse at him. His godfather blocked it when he stepped in front of him, and pushed him into the forbidden forest with a 'Go Draco, run, and don't turn back.' And like the coward that he was he did exactly that; he turned around and ran, but before he made it all the way to the forest he looked back at his godfather fighting with Harry, and even at such a large distance, he could see the tears that were running down Harry's cheeks, but he never stopped fighting.

Once in the forest he ran until he got to the apparition point and dissapeared into Malfoy Manor. He ran inside the house, up the stairs and up to his room, banging the door after him. He moved towards the closet with swift steps, peeling his clothes off, not caring about if the clothes were ripped as he took them off.

He was about to open the closet door when he heard a tap-tap-on his window. He walked over to the window and opened it and the owl flew in, dropped a letter on his bed, gave a turn in the air and flew right back out of the window. He walked over to his bed and picked up the letter from the green silk bedding, and looked at it. It didn't say from where it came from, only to whom it was meant to be for. Shrugging, he opened the letter and inspected it before reading it. When he finished he let it float to the floor and sat down on the bed. When he came out of his stupor he picked up the letter, folded it, put it back in the envelope, and put it next to his wand.

Still with his clothes in his hands, he got up and threw them to the side, opened the closet door and walked inside. He went to the corner of the closet and to a brown box that he had been hiding for a while from his parents, and opened it. Today was a perfect day to use them; nestled in the tissue were one pair of brown slacks, a white shirt, and a green jacket vest. He pulled them out and put them on, he walked towards the big mirror that was placed next to the closet door and inspected himself from top to bottom, he grimaced when he saw that he wasn't wearing shoes and went back to get them and put them on.

With a final inspection, he walked to his nightstand, picked up his wand, and the letter that was next to it and left his room. He walked quietly down the hall, down the stairs and out the front door. At the end of the driveway, he disappeared arriving in an alley. He looked down at the paper in his hand, looked at the address, and looked up where a house was appearing out of nowhere. When he looked down at the paper again, he saw it burning and he dropped it to the ground, where it turned into ash as if it was just waiting to be dropped.

He walked forward and looked around, not seeing anyone; he opened the door and walked inside. He could hear noises coming from behind another door and he quickly hid in the shadows, when he didn't see anyone come out, he moved closer; before he was able to place his hand on the door to push it open, a wand was at his back.

"Who let you in? Who sent you?" Harry hissed in his ear.

He pulled out a letter from inside his pocket and passed it to Harry who snatched it away from his hand.

"Come this way Malfoy."

Draco turned to see where he was being led to and saw that it was only a living room; he walked inside and was indicated to sit on a little stool. With the wand never wavering from himself Harry opened the letter and read it, his eyes going wider and wider the more he read.

Dear Mr. Malfoy,

If you are reading this, it means that I have not survived the encounter with the Death Eaters. Yes, I was aware about the task you were sent to do, and before you jump to conclusions, it wasn't you're godfather who told me, I have more than one ear Mr. Malfoy and more than one Death Eater in the light. You should have never underestimated me.

Take the paper that is attached to this note and go to the address that it indicates, if this note is delivered in accordance to my orders the wards around the house are going to be still effective; however, they will only be effective until sunrise.

This is the secret headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix. Before you throw the letter to the side hear me out. I am giving you a way out of the Death Eaters this is the only place where you'll be safe, once you get there you'll see the house right away. Walk near the entrance, the ward will let you in as I have already taken the privilege of keying your magic into the wards.

If I am not wrong everyone that belongs to the order will be there, to the first person that stops you show them the letter. Before I forget, if, by the time you're finished reading this letter, you don't want to go, this letter will destroy itself and your memory will be erased, and you cannot fool it. As I have placed the proper spell's on this letter to get the required effects, that means, that by touching the letter it's reading your magic at this very moment and it will know if you are lying.

Good luck Mr. Malfoy, may you make the right decision.

Harry, my boy I know you'll be the first one to read this letter if I am not wrong. Take care, I have always been proud of you, and don't worry about Mr. Malfoy, I trust him with my life. No pun intended my boy...

Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore
Late Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Harry dropped the letter to the floor, and lowered his wand as he sat down in the nearest seat available to him, and dropped his head into his hands. Draco observed all of this while he remained in his seat, he couldn't think of what was going on in Harry's head, but knowing the contents of the letter, he didn't think it was anything good.

"Why you?!"

The scream made him jump and he looked at Harry warily.

"Why you, Malfoy?" Harry came near him and boxed him in, "are you so special that you deserve a letter from him, why not me." He pushed away and walked towards the window, "He knew I would need his help and still I didn't get a letter."

"Maybe he knew that you had everything under control." He murmured, expecting to be heard.

"Under control!" Harry said with a mirthless laugh turning away from the window to look at him, "Malfoy, I haven't had anything under control since first year."

"But your-"

"Oh, yeah, I forgot I am The Chosen One and the fucking the-boy-who-lived."

Draco could hear the resentment in his voice, he had always thought that Harry had everything, but now he wondered if his assumptions about Harry were all wrong.

"I am sorry."

"No more than I am." Harry moved to the door and signaled him to follow.

Moving down the hall they came upon the same door that Draco was going to open a few minutes earlier, the noise was still loud, but when they opened it the noise intensified; however, once they saw who came in with Harry everyone quieted down.

He didn't know what to say, every pair of eyes was looking at him, some with questions in their eyes, others, like Ron, were giving him glares. Ron was about to open his mouth when Harry began to speak.

"Before anyone asks what he is doing here," he pulled out the letter and passed it to Professor McGonagall, "I think everyone should read this letter."

Nodding, the Professor tapped the piece of paper with her wand, reproducing copies for everyone, as everyone started to read, it became even quieter. He could hear the occasional sniff around the table, but he didn't dare look anybody in the eyes. Instead he turned his eyes to the ground and waited to be called on.

"Mr. Malfoy."

He looked up when he heard his name being called and found, to his great displeasure, all eyes were resting on him once again.


"On behalf of the Order of the Phoenix we welcome you." She got up and with a pat on his shoulder left the room.

Not long after her departure, chairs were being scraped on the floor and people were starting to move out the door, passing him and giving him tentative smiles, when everyone left the only ones remaining were him and Harry. He waited for something to happen, but after a while of neither saying anything he excused himself and walked back to the room he was in before and sat in the same stool.

He gave a deep sigh and pulled out a golden watch from around his neck, he opened it and looked at his reflection; his father had given it to him the morning before he was thrown in Azkaban for his coming up birthday. He now preferred to have his father with him than a stupid watch.

"That is lovely."

The voice startled him, and made him look up into Harry's eyes.

"Thank you. It was a gift from my father. He gave it to me the same day that he-"

"I am sorry, you know-about sending your father to Azkaban I mean." Harry said while he massaged his neck in a nervous gesture.

"Yeah, I know."

"You do?"

"Yes, I know it wasn't your fault he was sent to Azkaban, it was his own fault, but-" at this he looked up at Harry, "I know that if you could have saved him from going to Azkaban you would have."

After a few minutes of quiet contemplation on both their parts, they both looked at each other and smiled.

"Welcome to the light side, Malfoy."

"Draco, call me Draco, Harry."

"Draco." Harry said, holding out his hand in friendship.

Draco got up and took hold of Harry's hand, he looked at their clasped hands and thought, 'finally, after all this time, Harry Potter is my friend'.

"Can I ask you something, Draco?"


"Why are you dressed in Muggle clothes?"

At this, both of them looked down at Draco's clothes and he blushed. He wanted to make a statement, and now he knew he had accomplished it. He smiled at Harry.

"It's a long story, Harry. A really long story."

"I have time." Harry smiled at him, and they both walked to the settee and sat down.

They talked all through the night, talking about the story of how Draco came about having Muggle clothes. The sound of laughter of two boys was heard all throughout the house, making faces at each other and making crazy hand gestures with their hands and then laughing uncontrollably. If the people in the house didn't know that these two had been enemies almost all of their lives, they would have thought that they had been the best of friends all their lives because of the easy way in which they talked.


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