Standing Offer
by sweething10

Pairing: Draco Malfoy/Harry Potter
Word Count: 32,221

Genre(s): Angst, Drama, Smut
Through HBP
Other Characters:
Pansy, Blaise, Theo Nott, Crabbe, Goyle, Dumbledore, Snape, Fenrir, The Carrows

Half-Blood Prince through the eyes of Draco Malfoy.

Author's Notes & Disclaimer: This story contains some direct quotes from the novel. I do not own this material and no copyright infringement is intended.



Draco ducked into the empty classroom, making sure no one was following him. He seemed to be getting more and more paranoid about that lately. He knew it was because of the task the Dark Lord had given him, but he couldn’t help it. He felt as if everyone knew what he was trying to do, even though logic reminded him of how unlikely that would be.

He walked to the back corner of the unused classroom and sat in the shadows. What was he going to do? How was he ever going to do what the Dark Lord had requested of him? Did he even want to? Draco knew that deep down the answer was no. He may hate Mudbloods and the holier than thou people like Potter and his gang, but he wasn’t a murderer. He knew that. But if he didn’t kill Dumbledore, the Dark Lord would kill him and his parents. As scared as he was for himself, he was terrified for his mother. His father had brought this on himself, but he viewed his mother as not exactly innocent, but certainly not deserving of the wrath of the Dark Lord. Especially if that wrath was because of his failings. His thoughts kept traveling in circles, threatening to drive him mad.

Draco jumped at the sound of the door opening. Had someone followed him after all? His heart began to pound as he reached for his wand, ready to hex the intruder at the first sign of trouble. To his surprise, Potter walked into the room looking quite upset. He sat down heavily in the chair closest to the door and put his head in his hands.

Draco wasn’t sure what to do. It was obvious that Potter hadn’t seen him or they would probably be dueling by now. There was no way he could leave the room without having to walk right by the Golden Boy, and since he wasn’t proficient at disillusionment charms yet he was afraid to try. He decided to sit and wait, hoping Potty wasn’t planning on staying too long.

As Draco watched, Harry lifted his head from his hands and leaned his head back, closed his eyes and breathed out a sigh that was just short of a sob. Potter didn’t actually cry, but Draco could tell that he was close to it. He’d seen that same expression in the mirror more times than he’d care to admit as of late. After a few minutes Harry sighed again, stood up and left the room without a backward glance.

Draco sat in his darkened corner for a few more minutes. What was that all about? What had happened to upset the Boy Wonder so much? And where were his faithful sidekicks? He stood up and made his way across the room, checking to make sure that no one was there before exiting.

As he made his way back towards the Slytherin common room he put all thoughts of Potter out of his head. He had more important things to worry about than the bloody Boy Who Lived.


Try as he might, Draco could not get the vision of Potter near tears out of his head. What had happened to upset him so much? And why did Draco care in the first place? Draco tried to tell himself he didn’t really care at all, that he was just curious. But he knew that wasn’t true. Did Potter know about Draco’s task? Did he know the Dark Lord was after Dumbledore?

No, that couldn’t be it.

If Potter knew there was no way he wouldn’t confront Draco about it. It must be something else. Did something bad happen to their side? He hadn’t heard of anyone dying recently except that Black character, but surely Harry wouldn’t be upset over his death. He’d been responsible for Potter’s parents being killed, after all.

Whatever it was, he hoped Potter would get over it quickly. Not that he actually cared about him or anything, but he had come to the realization that he needed Potter to win against the Dark Lord. Draco had finally seen with his own eyes what the Dark Lord was truly capable of and it terrified him, not that he would ever admit that to anyone but himself. He didn’t think he would ever get the vision of that Muggle being tortured to death in his parlor out of his head. He shuddered slightly. Draco knew the only way he and his family would survive was if Potter won. And by the looks of the frazzled Gryffindor these days, he was going to need all the help he could get.

Draco walked towards the Room of Hidden Things to continue working on his task. He hoped that whatever had Potter so upset would be straightened out quickly. It unnerved him more than he cared to admit when he saw Potter looking so forlorn.


He was getting more frustrated and more nervous with each passing day. Why couldn’t he get the thing to work? If he wasn’t successful then his plans would be ruined and he and his family would be dead. Plain and simple.

Maybe there was another way. Maybe he could get to Dumbledore without having to deal with this bloody cabinet. Honestly, he hated this plan to begin with. He didn’t want anything to do with bringing Death Eaters into the school. If he could manage to kill Dumbledore without having to do that, it might make him feel a little better.

His stomach dropped at the thought of Dumbledore. Sometimes when he was focused on the cabinet he could fool himself into thinking he was just trying to fix this old hunk of junk and nothing more. It was just a challenge to see what he could accomplish. But then reality would come crashing back and he would feel sick. He really didn’t want to do this, but what choice did he have?

Those thoughts always brought him back to Potter, his only hope of survival. He had been inconspicuously trying to keep an eye on Potter to see if he was looking any better. He wasn’t. The Gryffindor was obviously trying to put up a good front, but Draco could see he was still miserable. He had also heard through the grapevine that Potter was having private lessons with the Headmaster. That really had Draco curious. Did that mean their side was planning something? Maybe the final battle was closer than Draco thought and he wouldn’t have to do anything about the task the Dark Lord had given him. He felt his spirits lift slightly at that thought.

Draco knew he wasn’t going to get any more work done today. His head was spinning and he could really use some fresh air. Maybe a walk by the lake would help clear his head. Draco made sure there was no one in the corridor before leaving the hidden room and heading for the front door of the castle.


As Draco walked across the grounds, he could see a figure already sitting by the lake, staring out across the water. Potter. Why did he keep running into him of all people? Draco decided to watch for a bit to see if Potter was looking any better. He couldn’t really see his face that clearly from a distance, but he noticed that his shoulders were quite broad and he wondered briefly how muscular that slumping back was. He had a flash of memory of Harry in his Quidditch gear, sweaty and elated from catching the Snitch again. His stomach did a funny sort of flop, which made Draco smirk to himself. He was not ashamed to admit Potter was a good looking guy. He’d have to be blind not to notice that. Maybe in another time or place Draco could actually find himself attracted to him, but not now. Not with all of this going on, and certainly not with what he’d been tasked to do.

Draco saw Granger and Weasley walking across the grounds the way he had just come, both of them sitting down on opposite sides of Potter. He could see the Weasel begin to talk, but he was too far away to hear what was being said. He did notice, however, that Potter never actually looked at the redhead. He just continued to stare out over the water. There was the answer to his question, Harry wasn’t doing much better.

Draco turned and strolled back towards the castle. He was cold and he still had to work on getting to Dumbledore without fixing that bloody cabinet.


A few nights later, Draco found himself lying in bed, staring at the draping green fabric of his bed curtains. He was making minimal progress on the cabinet, but he may have found a way of getting to Dumbledore without it. He hoped to put his Plan B, so to speak, into action this coming weekend on their trip to Hogsmeade. He wasn’t overly confident it would work, but it was worth a try.

He found his thoughts straying to Potter once again. He found himself thinking about the Gryffindor git almost as much as his task these days. Not only was he still clueless about why Potter was so miserable, he was also thinking about possibly trying to help him somehow. He obviously needed help, but how exactly was he supposed to help Potter. It would have to be something done on the sly. He couldn’t be seen trying to help the other side, and it was not like Harry would willingly accept his help anyway. Draco figured he would come up with something. He was a Slytherin after all.


The sound of Draco’s shoes echoed throughout the corridor. He was desperately trying to keep it together until he could get to the unused classroom again. No one was around to see him slip in and close the door behind him.

Draco paced back and forth across the room. He couldn’t believe things had gone so terribly wrong! He had no idea how hurt the Bell girl was. It all depended on how much of the necklace she had touched. He had no way of knowing that unless he asked someone which was totally out of the question. Even a brainless Hufflepuff would be able to deduce he had been involved if he were to ask about it.

He had read about that necklace when he was searching for another way to complete his task. He thought if he could just get it to Dumbledore then his problems would be solved without anyone the wiser. The thought of not having to face the man as he died had been an appealing prospect as well, but he shoved that thought aside for the moment. Obviously he hadn’t thought things through as well as he’d suspected, and now he was more panicked than ever. He had even brought the Dark Arts book to the room with him in hopes of having a quiet place to look through it again and search for another idea.

Draco was just about to sit down and open the book when the door swung open and Potter stepped in. They looked at each other for a brief moment. Potter drew his wand, but Draco just stood there clutching the heavy tome. He didn’t want to fight. He had been trying to think of ways to help the Gryffindor these past few weeks, not fight him. But there was no way Potter would accept help from Draco so blatantly, would he? 

In those few seconds, Draco decided to give it a try. He placed the book on the table and kept his hands where Potter could see them. Keeping his face as expressionless as he could, he nodded slightly towards the book and then left before Potter could question him.

The Saviour of the Wizarding World and his minions surely would not be well versed in the Dark Arts.

Dumbledore probably knew his fair share, but Draco highly doubted he would actually teach them to anyone. Maybe this book would give Harry a fighting chance against the Death Eaters.

He knew Potter would want to know why Draco gave him the book, so he would have to keep his distance from the Gryffindor. Draco hoped he would keep his bloody mouth shut and not tell the whole school what he had done either. He certainly didn't need anything like that getting back to his parents or You-Know-Who. He was under enough pressure so as it was.


It was just as Draco thought. He had caught Harry staring at him a few times, and he was pretty sure Harry had tried to follow him on a few occasions as well. So far Draco had managed to keep his distance, and he hoped he could continue to do so. What was he supposed to say if Potter asked him why he did it? Because I don't want to kill Dumbledore and I want you to squash the Dark Lord like a bug? Somehow he didn't think that would go over too well. Plus, those green eyes were beginning to make him a bit uncomfortable when they were boring through him like that.

He entered what he now thought to be "his" abandoned classroom. He was making some progress on the cabinet, but he still had a long way to go. Being around the other Slytherins made him nervous. He was constantly afraid of saying the wrong thing or making the wrong gesture and alerting everyone to his plans.

He moved a chair in front of the window and sat down, propping his legs up on the windowsill. He could see the Quidditch pitch from here and grinned slightly to himself. Wouldn't it be nice if the biggest problem he had were trying to beat Potter to the Snitch? That seemed like a lifetime ago.

Suddenly the door swung open and Harry quickly stepped in and shut the door behind him. Draco and Harry locked eyes for a moment and the blond waited for Potter's wand to be drawn. Instead, Potter sat down at the table and continued to watch his Slytherin classmate as if it were just another day in Potions. Draco wasn't really sure what was going on, so he decided to stay exactly where he was and wait for Potter to make a move.

The silence stretched on for what seemed like hours, but in reality was only a few minutes. Harry finally looked up at Draco and said, "Why?"

Draco knew exactly what he was talking about, but his Slytherin nature refused to let it be so easy. "Why what, Potter?"

"Why did you give me that book, Malfoy? Why did you think I would want it?"

Draco couldn't help but sneer. "I thought you might want to try some new hexes on the Weasel."

Harry snorted and shook his head. "I really don't have time for games, Malfoy. That book has some really dark stuff in it, stuff I've never heard of. Is this what the Death Eaters have in store for me? Is that why you gave it to me? To scare me? "

Draco was ready with another acerbic remark, but held it back at the last second. If he was going to try to help Harry then he had to keep his mouth in line. Inwardly he smirked at the possible double meaning in that thought.

"I have no idea what the Death Eaters have in store for you, Potter, but I do know they are quite well versed in the dark spells that are mentioned in that book. It would behoove you to be prepared with the countercurses just in case." Draco kept eye contact with Harry, looking for any movements towards his wand.

None came. Harry sat and looked at Draco for a few seconds. Draco knew the Golden Boy well enough to know that he was inwardly fighting over whether or not to believe him. He had no reason to trust Draco, and yet Draco thought he could see just a hint of acceptance in those piercing eyes. His heartbeat began to race as he waited for Potter's response.

Harry stood up and walked for the door. Just as his hand gripped the handle, Harry turned around to face Draco again.

"Thank you," he whispered. Then he was gone.

Draco released a breath he didn't realize he had been holding. That went well, all things considered, Draco thought to himself. Shortly afterward, he left the room and made his way towards the Room of Hidden Things. He'd better get back to work.


A few weeks passed with little progress made on the cabinet. Draco had wanted to go back to the empty classroom to think, but having met up with Potter there twice already made him hesitate. As he sat in the library attempting to do some homework, he couldn't get the expression on Potter's face when he said thank you out of his mind. There was a small part of Draco that relished the fact that Potter appreciated something he did. And there was an even smaller part of him that felt a twinge of excitement at the thought of encountering Potter again.

Actually, he had seen Potter briefly at Slughorn's party. Draco cringed at the memory of being caught by Filch and hauled through the gathering like a common criminal. He was actually thankful for Snape getting him out of there, however uncomfortable and a tad frightening his conversation with him afterwards turned out to be. He had no idea where Snape's loyalties lie, or how much he actually knew about Draco's mission. Frankly he was afraid to trust anyone.

Could he trust Potter? He wasn't sure. He had obviously kept the book a secret from the other students. Oh, Draco was sure he had shown the Weasel and Granger, but he wondered if Potter had told them how it came to be in his possession. That was the real question. He thought not since he hadn't noticed any difference in the way those two looked at or acted towards him.

Potter, on the other hand, was a different story. If Draco had thought the Chosen One had been following him before, he knew he was now. Potter seemed to be everywhere Draco was, which made the blond both annoyed and slightly pleased. He was sure the Gryffindor was only following him to try to find out what he was up to, or talk to him more about the book, but the fact remained that he was still following him.

The thing that Draco noticed the most about Potter was his eyes. He always knew they were green, he just never realized how green they were.

Draco was surprised by how much emotion Potter displayed through those eyes. He was also surprised he had never noticed that before, and wondered why he was noticing it now. He assumed it was because he had more opportunities, and more reasons, to watch Potter more frequently now than ever before.

Whatever the reason, those eyes always had some type of effect on Draco. Sometimes he would catch Potter looking at him with curiosity which made Draco nervous and resolve to himself to keep Potter at a distance. Other times he would see anger which he was actually quite comfortable with. That he was used to. The sadness though, that was the one that made Draco's chest hurt. The deep sadness was overwhelming. Draco knew sadness too. And fear. It sometimes made him wonder if he and Potter had more in common than he had originally thought.

And once or twice Draco saw Potter watching him with a look he couldn't quite come to terms with. If he hadn't known better he would've said it was interest, but that certainly couldn't be right. That was just Draco's sixteen-year-old hormones kicking in. He couldn't let that get in the way of anything. But sometimes when the messy-haired boy got that particular look in his eyes, Draco couldn't help but wonder what it might be like to...


Startled, Draco almost jumped. He looked up into the pug-nosed face of Pansy Parkinson.

"What's wrong with you? You look flushed. Are you okay? Are you coming back to the common room or not?"

"No," was all Draco said. He pretended to resume reading his Arithmancy textbook and hoped that Pansy would go away quickly.

Realizing that Draco was not going to say anything else, she huffed and crossed her arms. "You know, Draco, people are talking about you. It's obvious you're up to something. You're never in the common room, you hardly talk at meals, and the only people you really hang out with anymore are Crabbe and Goyle. Even the Gryffindors have noticed how weird you're acting. I overheard Potter talking to the Mudblood and the Weasel about how he was going to find out what you're up to. Whatever it is, Draco, you'd better watch your back." With that she turned and left.

It took almost all of Draco's strength to keep his aloof façade intact. He continued to sit there pretending to read for a few minutes, just to give the illusion of not caring what Pansy had to say. Then, nonchalantly as possible, he packed up his things and exited the library.

Draco decided to risk a visit to the classroom. He needed to think. He made his way to the room and opened the door. Sure enough, there was Potter, sitting in the chair next to the window. Draco's pulse quickened and he briefly thought about leaving, but decided to see what would happen.

At the sound of the door opening, Harry got to his feet. The two boys just stood there looking at each other in silence. Draco saw curiosity and hurt in those eyes. A dangerous combination, Draco thought. He thought it was best to once again let Harry make the first move.

Harry finally spoke. "Did you curse Katie Bell?"

That wasn't exactly what Draco was expecting. "No," Draco lied. Although, to be fair, it wasn't entirely a lie. It wasn't his fault Potter didn't know the correct question to ask, after all.

"I saw that necklace in the book you gave me. Is that where you got the idea? Is that why you gave me the book? So I would know it was you?"


"Why Katie? What has she done to you to deserve that?"

Draco's guilt over Katie spilled forth and he began blurting more than he had intended. "I hardly even know that girl! Why the bloody hell would I want to curse her?" Draco closed his eyes for a moment in order to regain control.

"I don't know!" Harry yelled back. "You tell me! Why, Malfoy?"

Draco opened his eyes to look at Harry and the emotions in that gaze almost made Draco gasp. There was anger, to be sure, but the incredible sadness is what gave Draco pause. It was almost the same look Harry had when Draco saw him in this room the first time and hadn't seen since. Draco's heart dropped to his stomach, and for the first time in his life he didn't know what to say. He knew he couldn't tell Harry what had happened, but he wanted that look to go away.

Draco took a step closer to Harry and reached out his hand as if to touch him. "I - Potter -," he wasn't really sure what he was going to say or do, but thankfully Harry interrupted.

"Draco, what's going on with you? You look like hell and you're acting weird. You left me that book on the Dark Arts. You even skipped out on a Quidditch match. Are you okay?"

Draco stood there for a moment, stunned. He called me Draco. Hearing his name from Harry, sounding genuinely concerned, made Draco's heart soar.

Harry continued on, apparently not noticing Draco's surprise. "I've been wracking my brain trying to figure out what all of this means. It's almost as if you're trying to help me, and yet you cursed Katie with that necklace. It doesn't make sense, Draco! I'm driving Ron and Hermione crazy with my theories and constant need to talk about you. Why can't you get out of my head?"

It seemed to Draco as if Harry was talking to himself more than Draco at this point, but he didn't mind. He had said his name again, and it almost made Draco smile. His heart was hammering in his chest as he listened to Harry rant. He thinks about me. He's worried about me. Draco did smile at that thought despite his best effort.

"Harry," Draco said quietly. Harry didn't hear him over his own rambling speech. "HARRY," Draco said a little louder.

Harry stopped talking and looked at Draco. "You - you said my name." Harry looked as stunned as Draco had felt.

"Harry." This time it came out slightly breathy. Draco moved towards Harry again, this time he knew exactly what he was going to do.

Within three steps, Draco was standing face to face with Harry. Their eyes were locked, and Draco could sense Harry's nervousness. Draco was a bit nervous too, but he wanted this more than anything right now. He wasn't sure why he wanted it so badly, he just did.

"Harry," Draco whispered, practically into Harry's mouth. Harry closed his eyes and swallowed hard. Draco watched the frantic bob of his Adam's apple as the Gryffindor swallowed thickly and felt a twitch in his groin. Harry wasn't pulling away or resisting in any way, so Draco decided to go for it.

He leaned in slowly and gently pressed his lips against Harry's. Harry tensed briefly, then relaxed into it. It was a very sweet, tender closed mouth kiss. Both boys pulled away and stared at each other with wide eyes before leaning in for another kiss.

To Draco's surprise, Harry opened his mouth slightly and ran his tongue along Draco's lips this time. Draco gasped and shuddered, opening his mouth in response. A jolt of electricity shot through them as their tongues touched for the first time. Harry moaned slightly into Draco's mouth, which caused Draco to do the same. He knew he should probably be embarrassed by the sound he'd just made, but he would worry about that later. This was too delicious to let anything else get in the way.

The kiss became fierce and demanding, their tongues battling for dominance. Draco pushed Harry's back against the wall and leaned into him. He pressed his hardness into Harry's thigh and moaned again when he felt a hardness pressing back.

Draco thought he could stay like this all day, but Harry seemed to have other ideas. He broke the kiss and pushed Draco away, still a bit breathless.

"Draco, stop. What are you doing?"

"I would think that would be obvious, Harry." Draco replied, trying to regain his composure.

"No, that's not what I meant. I know what you're doing, but why are you doing it? Why are you doing any of this stuff?"

Draco wasn't sure what to say, so he chose to say nothing. The boys stared at each other for a moment before Harry sighed and turned his back on the blond. He walked to the window and leaned against it, pressing his forehead against the cool glass.

"You know, a few weeks ago I would've thought this was all some elaborate plot to hurt me somehow, to embarrass me in front of everyone," Harry noted, eyeing the Slytherin carefully. "But I've been watching you, Draco. I know you know that, but I don't think you realize how much I've seen. I've seen you keeping your distance from the other Slytherins. I've seen you snap at Crabbe and Goyle more than you usually do. I've seen you disappear from meals and not be able to find you anywhere in the castle. But more than all that stuff, I've seen how you look when you think no one is watching you. I've seen how upset you look sometimes. If I didn't know better, I'd think you were even scared."

Draco listened with rapt attention, not sure yet whether he should be worried or relieved that Harry sensed so much of his deeper emotions, the ones he thought he was hiding so well. When he went to speak, however, Harry plowed ahead.

"And you gave me that book. I really thought you gave it to me to scare me, but after our first meeting here I doubted that. You didn't seem your normal arrogant self. You didn't taunt me or try to insult me in anyway. And now you kiss me. And I'm pretty damn certain you wouldn't do that unless you wanted to." He finished, seeming breathless.

Harry paused then and turned to face Draco. Those green eyes seemed to pierce almost to Draco's soul.

"I always thought you were thrilled about Voldemort's return and would jump at the chance to take your Mark, Draco. Now I'm not so sure."

Draco was stunned. He just stood there and watched as Harry headed for the door. Before he could gather his thoughts to even attempt a response Harry spoke again.

"I'm going to come back here on Friday after classes are done for the day. I really hope you'll be here too." With that, he closed the door behind him.

Draco sat down heavily on the chair. Apparently, Harry was more astute than Draco gave him credit for. He never would have guessed that Harry would be able to pick up on Draco's emotions like that. Especially when Draco thought he was rather good at hiding them. He'd have to think more about that later. Right now Draco couldn't keep his mind off the kiss.

The kiss. Why the hell had he done that? What had he been thinking? He'd been thinking about the fact that Harry said his name and seemed genuinely concerned about him. He'd been thinking that those eyes made him feel things he probably shouldn't feel. He'd been thinking that he really wanted to kiss him. That's what he'd been thinking.

Draco knew he was walking a dangerous line here. Harry said he'd be back on Friday, and if Draco decided to meet him he knew they would end up talking more about this. The Slytherin would have to be very careful with what he chose to disclose to Harry. The smart thing to do would be to not show up and forget this little encounter ever happened.

Except that Draco didn't want to forget. Despite all of his previous notions about being too busy and it being too dangerous, the simple fact was Draco wanted to see Harry again. Wanted to hear Harry say his name again. And hopefully make more of those delicious noises he made when they were snogging. Draco chuckled at that thought and stood up to leave.

He gave himself a once over to make sure he wasn't disheveled and checked the corridor before exiting the room.


The next day was one of the longest in Draco's life. He spent the majority of his time thinking about the meeting with Harry the next day. What would they talk about? How hard would Harry press him for information? That particular thought brought a smirk to the blonds' face. He hoped something would be hard and pressing.

In between classes and at meals, Draco watched Harry. He seemed preoccupied most of the day which Draco assumed meant he was thinking about their meeting the next day too. A few times Draco found himself glancing at Harry only to find the Gryffindor was already looking at him. His stomach would swoop and he would quickly look away, hoping no one else had seen him acting like a silly Hufflepuff girl.

Night finally came and Draco couldn't sleep. He kept replaying the day's events over in his head. Envisioning those green eyes staring at him from across the Great Hall. Watching Harry as he walked up the stairs towards the Gryffindor common room. He certainly has a fine arse, Draco thought with a grin.

That thought made Draco's mind drift to their kiss in the abandoned classroom. He closed his eyes and could almost feel Harry's lips on his, his erection pressing against Draco's thigh. Draco felt himself harden at the thought of Harry getting turned on by him, of all people. He, who up until a few weeks ago, would have considered Harry his mortal enemy. And now all he wanted to do was snog him senseless.

Draco grabbed his wand to put up a silencing spell. He set his wand back on the nightstand and slipped one hand into his pajamas. He slowly ran his hand up and down the length of his cock, imagining it was Harry's. His other had slid up his torso and pinched his nipple. He imagined it was Harry's teeth nipping at his tender flesh and let out a small groan. The hand on his cock increased its speed as he imagined the sounds Harry would make when Draco touched him like this. He imagined what Harry's eyes would look like filled with lust. Lust for him.

Draco's fantasy kicked into full swing. His hand moved from his nipple down to cup his balls. He squeezed them gently as he envisioned Harry climbing on top of his body and rubbing their erections together, sliding up and down, lubricated by each other's fluids. Harry would kiss his way down Draco's body until his mouth was just a breath away from the head of Draco's cock. Draco's hand sped even faster and he pressed that spot right behind his balls as his dream Harry gave him that lopsided grin and took Draco fully into his mouth.

That last thought sent Draco spiraling over the edge. He cried out as his back arched and hips lifted off the bed, the spasms of his orgasm taking over. Once the final aftershocks subsided, he took a deep breath and let it out in a semi-laugh. That was the best wank he had had in a long time.

He grabbed his wand once more to clean himself up and remove the silencing spell. With his body more relaxed than it had been since the start of term, Draco fell asleep.


The next morning Draco woke and readied himself for class with a spring in his step. The mood brought on by his fantasy of Harry the night before was a vast improvement over how he had been feeling lately. He wouldn't say he was happy, exactly, but the thought of doing those dirty things with Harry couldn't help but improve his disposition, if only for a short time.

Draco didn't realize just how short that time would actually be.

During breakfast Draco forced himself into a conversation with Theodore Nott. He really couldn't have cared less about whatever drivel Nott was spewing, but he needed to put up a better front. It was obvious with what both Pansy and Harry had said that Draco needed to be more careful about hiding his emotions. He couldn't have any of the Slytherins reporting back to their parents about Draco's strange behavior, lest it get back to his father or, worse, the Dark Lord. He made a vague noise in Nott's direction as he took a sip of his juice.

At that moment the morning mail arrived. To Draco's surprise, his eagle owl swooped down in front of him and held out his leg. He could tell by the writing on the front that it was from his father. Draco's stomach fell and a slight sense of dread filled him as he opened the letter.


I have received special permission from one of our "friends" here in Azkaban to send you this correspondence. I hope you are doing well. I also hope that you are well on your way to completing the task the Dark Lord has given you. Yes, my son, I am aware of your task and have every faith that you can accomplish it. The fate of our family is in your hands, Draco. Do not disappoint me.


"Who's it from, Draco?" Nott asked casually, biting into a piece of bacon.

Draco tried valiantly to keep his emotions in check. He felt as if all eyes were on him, although reality proved that no one had really paid him any attention. No one except for a certain Gryffindor on the opposite end of the hall. "None of your business, Nott," Draco spat.

Nott rolled his eyes. "Sorry, Draco. I forgot your life is a big secret now. Forgive me," his voice dripping with sarcasm.

Draco put the parchment in his robe pocket and rose from the table. Thankfully it was time for their first class which meant he did not have to respond to Nott.

While his fellow Slytherins made their way to class, Draco slipped away and headed for the Room of Hidden Things. He had allowed Harry to distract him and now he had to make up for lost time.


The irony of it all was almost laughable. Here he was, trying to fix this bloody cabinet in order to complete his plan to kill Dumbledore, mere minutes before he was supposed to meet Harry Potter. Draco supposed he should stop for the day and clean up a bit before heading to the empty classroom. He had made some progress today and thought he'd be able to make even more soon. That thought made him both happy and nauseous.

He'd had a lot of time to think while working on the cabinet. He knew he had gotten a bit carried away with his thoughts and feelings for Harry, but he also knew that he wanted to see Harry again. He still wanted to find a way to help Harry somehow, and maybe by talking with him he could figure something out. And hey, if a little snogging happened along the way who was he to argue?

He cleaned up his mess and headed to the dungeons for a quick shower and change of clothes.


Draco opened the door of the room to see Harry sitting in the chair near the window. He was leaning over with his arms resting on his knees staring out towards the Quidditch pitch. His shirt had pulled up just the slightest bit at the small of his back, and Draco could see a patch of tanned skin. For a brief moment he envisioned licking that skin before shaking his head to clear his thoughts. That was probably not the way to start off. Then again...

"You came," Harry said, straightening up in the chair and looking over his shoulder at Draco. The patch of skin disappeared, much to Draco's chagrin.

Draco gave his trademark smirk. "Not yet, Potter." Harry flushed crimson, which made Draco smirk even wider. He knew he had slipped back into using Harry's surname, but sometimes the circumstances just called for it.

"I meant you're here," Harry managed to stammer while fidgeting uncomfortably.

"You certainly do have a knack for stating the obvious, don't you? Harry." This last word was spoken a bit lower and huskier than the others, and Draco was immensely pleased to see Harry's blush deepen.

"I see you're back to your snarky self, Malfoy." Harry looked a little disappointed, and Draco realized Harry probably wasn't used to this type of flirting. He'd better tone it back a little if he didn't want Harry to leave, and he most definitely didn't want Harry to leave. This wasn't exactly the way he had planned on starting out anyway, but Harry practically begged for it with that first comment.

The words "Harry" and "begging" brought on a whole new slew of thoughts for Draco, which made him flush slightly. Harry obviously mistook this for embarrassment over being chastised and decided to give Draco a break. Draco didn't bother to correct him.

Harry continued, "I wasn't sure if you were going to co - uh, meet me or not." He shoved his hands in his pockets, clearly still a bit uncomfortable.

"Well, here I am," Draco replied, sweeping his arm in a grand gesture. Harry grinned, which made Draco's heart skip a beat.

Both boys stood there looking at each other, neither one knowing exactly what to say. The silence stretched on until it became too much for Draco to bear.

"So what happens now, Harry? You're the one who practically begged me to meet you here today." Draco felt a twinge in his groin at those words again.

"I did not beg you, Draco!" Harry shot back, "I just said I would be here and hoped you would be too."

"And so I am. So what now?" Draco sat down and propped his feet up on the window sill.

Harry sat down in the chair next to him, turning it slightly so he was facing Draco. "I want to know what's going on with you. You are clearly not the same person you were last year. You wouldn't be here with me now if you were. And like I said before, you seem upset. Scared."

This made Draco the slightest bit uncomfortable. "Why do you care?"

That blush crept back into Harry's face as he turned to look out the window. "I don't know. I just do."

Draco did not like this line of inquiry. He had to get Harry talking about himself, not continue questioning Draco.

"I could say the same thing about you, Harry. You look sad and upset quite often too." Draco noticed the movement in Harry's throat as he swallowed.

Harry sighed and ran his fingers through his hair. "Yeah, I guess I am."

"Why? The weight of the Wizarding World getting a bit heavy, is it?" Damn! Draco hadn't meant for that to come out quite so harsh. Old habits are hard to break, he supposed.

Harry looked a bit stung at those words, but still managed a slight grin. "Yeah, you could say that."

Draco had a feeling Harry would say more if he kept quiet, and soon enough he was proven right.

"I know you've always thought I loved being me. Being famous and having everyone want to be my friend. But I don't. I just want to be Harry. I don't want to be everyone's hero. I just want to be a sixteen-year-old kid and do sixteen-year- old kid stuff. Instead I'm expected to rid the Wizarding World of the worst Dark Wizard they've ever seen. How am I supposed to do that, Draco? How?"

Harry paused for a moment. He stood up and began pacing the room, looking just like he had during their last meeting when he was questioning him about Katie Bell. He ran both hands through his hair before continuing.

"Do you have any idea what it feels like to have everyone depending on you? To know that everyone expects you to save them? To know that if you fail, people you love will die? To know that you - " Harry hesitated, " - have already caused the death of people you love?" His voice hitched at this last statement and he leaned heavily against the wall opposite the window, and Draco.

Why yes, Draco thought to himself, I know exactly how that feels.

Harry let out a sigh and closed his eyes. "And I have no fucking idea why I am telling you this. You of all people."

He took advantage of the fact that Harry's eyes were closed and allowed his gaze to wander up and down Harry's body. Nice fitting Muggle jeans (Harry had obviously done some shopping) which he was sure hugged his arse in all the right places. Form fitting black shirt which showed off his muscular arms quite nicely.

Draco couldn't have taken his eyes off of Harry if someone held a wand to his head. Harry looked so incredibly sexy leaning up against the wall like that. He was so emotional, so vulnerable, and he was allowing himself to be that way in front of Draco. Trusting him.

All thoughts of his father, the cabinet, Dumbledore, everything was driven from his mind.

Draco stood and crossed the space separating them, his heart hammering in his chest. Harry's eyes opened and their gazes locked. Harry's breath hitched. Draco's breathing became quicker, and he noticed Harry's was as well. They stood that way for what seemed like eternity before Draco couldn't stand it any longer. He smashed his lips against Harry's, one hand weaving itself into Harry's hair, the other sliding up Harry's arm to grab his firm bicep. Draco felt the muscle contract beneath his hand which caused his erection to twitch.

Harry kissed him back with just as much furor, their tongues dueling for dominance. One of Harry's hands wrapped around Draco's waist, and pulled him closer. Draco accepted the offer and pressed himself up against Harry, causing the dark haired boy to moan into Draco's mouth. Draco could feel Harry's hard cock against his thigh and he was sure Harry could feel his too.

Please don't stop this time, Harry. Please don't stop, Draco begged in his mind.

He needn't have worried. The boys continued kissing, touching, rubbing for what seemed like hours. Draco couldn't get enough of Harry. His fantasy from the night before pushed to the forefront of his mind. Draco reached for the waistband of Harry's jeans and fumbled slightly getting them open. He still wasn't completely adept at the Muggle fastenings, but if Harry wore them he would learn.

Draco rubbed Harry's abdomen just above the edge of his pants. He broke the kiss and stared into Harry's eyes, silently asking permission. So this is what his eyes look like filled with lust, Draco couldn't help but think to himself. He liked it. A lot.

Harry was panting with desire. He licked his bottom lip which caused Draco to shiver, imagining that tongue on the head of his cock. He continued staring as Harry whispered, "Please, Draco. Please."

Draco almost came undone at those words. He reached into Harry's jeans, freeing his member from its tight confines. It was hard and large and the tip was already leaking. Harry gasped as Draco spread the fluid with his thumb and began stroking. Draco leaned in and began kissing and nipping at Harry's neck. Harry thrust into Draco's hand, whimpering and breathing heavy. Draco licked a path up to Harry's earlobe and then licked that too. He whispered, "Come for me, Harry."

Harry's body tensed. He shouted, "Oh, Draco, AH!" and shot his release all over his stomach and Draco's hand. Draco felt Harry's body go limp as his orgasm retreated. Draco supported Harry until he was sure Harry could stand on his own two feet again.

As soon as Harry regained his composure he looked down at Draco's still hard erection. He reached out to unfasten Draco's trousers while locking eyes again. There was something about those eyes that Draco didn't think he would ever tire of seeing.

But right now it was all about his hands. Harry had reached into Draco's trousers and released his cock. Harry reversed their positions and pushed Draco up against the wall, kissing him hard. His strokes started out slow, just like Draco had imagined in his fantasy. Draco growled into Harry's mouth and fisted his hand into Harry's hair.

"Harder," Draco managed to whisper between kisses. Harry complied and started fisting Draco the way Draco had done to him.

Harry broke the kiss and began devouring Draco's neck. "Gods, Draco," he murmured into his neck, "You're so beautiful."

Draco made a sound that sounded something like, "Nungh!" and thrust wildly into Harry's hand as his orgasm ripped through his body. He rode out the waves of ecstasy until the tremors subsided.

He opened his eyes to see Harry smiling at him. He couldn't help but smile back. Harry looked shocked for a moment, then smiled again.

"I think that's the first time I've ever seen you truly smile, Draco." Harry nuzzled his face into Draco's neck.

I think that's the first time in a long time I've seen you smile too, Harry, Draco thought.


The boys cleaned themselves up and Draco transfigured the table into a small sofa. They sat down, one on each end, and stared at the floor. After a few moments Draco broke the silence.

"Well, this is awkward."

Harry laughed. "A bit," he replied, turning his head toward Draco with that half-grin "dream Harry" had given him last night. Draco suppressed a shudder.

"So, when did you realize you fancied blokes?" Draco asked, leaning back on the sofa and propping his foot on his opposite knee. Draco wasn't sure where that question had come from, but he thought it was a fair one.

Harry blushed, which was becoming commonplace with him it seemed. "I didn't. Well, uh, I mean, I didn't fancy blokes. Not until you kissed me." Harry made this last statement while staring at his shoes.

Draco arched an eyebrow. Now that was an interesting development. "Really? You've never been with another wizard before?"

"No," Harry answered, still studiously looking at his shoes.

"Have you ever been with a girl?" Draco couldn't help but ask.

"No." Harry's reply came out so low Draco almost didn't hear him. He knew Harry was immensely uncomfortable and decided to take pity on him and not taunt him.

"What about the Weaslette? Aren't you seeing her?"

"No. People see us together and assume we're a couple, but we're just friends." Harry managed to tear his attention away from his trainers to look at Draco. "What about you and Pansy?"

Draco shrugged. "Same thing. I have no interest in her. Or any 'her' for that matter."

Harry nodded in understanding. "So when did you know? That you liked blokes, I mean."

"I've always known," Draco said with a wave of his hand. "Being gay really isn't that big of a deal in our world. Muggles are the ones who get all beside themselves over the idea of two men, or women, being together. As long as I produce an heir, that's all my family expects of me."

As soon as he spoke those words it was like an arrow pierced his heart. Something must have shown on his face because Harry asked, "Draco, are you okay?"

"Of course I'm okay," Draco retorted, a bit sharper than he had intended. He had to focus on getting to know Harry and find out what could help him defeat the Dark Lord. "What's your favorite dessert?"

What's your favorite dessert? Draco shrieked in his own head. What the hell was THAT? What was he going to do, overdose You-Know-Who on sugar? Pathetic.

Harry looked at him strangely. "Treacle Tart. Why? Are you hungry?"

"No, just asking." Draco had to regroup. He'd lost it there for a minute, but he gathered his senses and was ready to move on.

Harry, however, had other ideas. "I should probably get going. Ron and Hermione will start to wonder where I am." He stood up and stretched his arms over his head.

Draco rose too, his eyes watching the exposed skin on Harry's stomach. He reached out and just brushed his fingertips against it. He felt Harry shiver and saw his skin break out in gooseflesh. It was such a turn on to see the effect he had on Harry.

Draco grabbed Harry's arm and pulled him flush against his body. They kissed, and just like last time Harry's arms flew around Draco's neck and he clung to him, almost as a little boy would.

They broke apart and Harry looked deep into Draco's eyes. "Will you meet me here again?" Harry almost seemed afraid of Draco's answer.

"Wild hippogriffs couldn't keep me away," Draco replied, a moment of sappiness coming over him.

Harry smiled another genuine, full on smile, and Draco felt his heart leap. "Great. I have Quidditch practice tomorrow afternoon, but what about tomorrow night?"

"I have practice late tomorrow so that won't work. How about Sunday?"

"Except for homework I don't have anything to do. Sunday it is. Around 2:00? I don't think I could wait until Sunday night." Harry blushed slightly at that remark, which Draco found amusing and almost, dare he even think it, cute.

"Sunday at 2:00. See you then." Draco kissed Harry one last time before the Gryffindor headed back to his dormitory.

Draco stayed behind for a bit, mulling over what had happened. Harry had truly smiled at him twice during their time together. That was twice more than Draco had seem him smile all term. Could it be that he was what could make Harry happy again? Could Harry being happy be the first step to him conquering the Dark Lord? Dumbledore was always going on about his "love conquers all" drivel, maybe there was something to that after all?

Who knows? But Draco did know that he was pretty damn happy right now too. And maybe he could hold onto his happiness a little longer this time.


Morning came and Draco's first thought was of Harry. A sleepy smile worked itself onto his face as he sat up and threw his legs over the side of the bed. He had the entire day ahead of him with nothing to do until Quidditch practice. Scratch that, he had plenty to do, just not anything he really wanted to do. He knew he should work on the cabinet, but his head wasn't in the right place for that at the moment. He had been trying to come up with another plan for getting to Dumbledore without having to bring in the Death Eaters. That might be worthy of his thoughts this morning.

Draco noticed that the other Slytherins had already left the dormitory. Excellent. That meant he had the bathroom all to himself, which meant a nice long wank in the shower. Even though he had just gotten off with Harry last night, he was ready to go again. He was sixteen after all.

A while later, sated and freshly showered, Draco entered the common room to find Crabbe and Goyle sitting on the sofa, heads bowed together in quiet conversation. Draco strolled over and sat in the chair next to the fire.

"Crabbe. Goyle," Draco nodded in their direction.

"Hey," Crabbe responded. Goyle just looked at Draco without saying a word. That wasn't unusual since Goyle wasn't really a talker.

Crabbe asked, "Where'd you go last night, Draco? We looked all over but couldn't find you."

Draco raised an eyebrow at that question and Crabbe's face blushed slightly. He wasn't used to these two questioning him like this. But he was still in a good mood from his wank, so he decided to be relatively nice about it.

"I wasn't aware that I needed to tell you my whereabouts, Crabbe." Draco smirked to let the two know he wasn't angry with them.

They seemed relieved at the smirk. "You don't. It's just that you usually take us with you when you're doing, er, whatever it is you're doing. We thought maybe something was wrong."

"No, nothing's wrong, Crabbe, but I am touched by your concern," Draco said with just a touch of sarcasm. "Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to see if there is anything left for breakfast." With that, Draco stood.

As he turned to leave, he saw Crabbe and Goyle exchanged the same confused look. "That was weird," Crabbe muttered under his breath so Draco wouldn't hear.

"Yeah, weird," Goyle agreed.


After getting a quick bite in the Great Hall, Draco thought about working on the cabinet but detoured to the abandoned classroom instead. "Their room" as he was now thinking of it. He grinned to himself at that thought. He'd better watch these sappy thoughts he kept having.

As soon as he entered the room, he transfigured the table into the same sofa he'd done yesterday. He stretched out on it with his hands propped up behind his head. He let his mind wander to thoughts of his encounter with Harry yesterday and their subsequent conversation. Besides being completely turned on by how Harry looked, he had also been surprised with what he had said.

Harry was right, Draco had always assumed Harry loved the attention he received as the Boy Who Lived. Draco would have. Everyone wanting to take your picture, shake your hand, be your friend, what's not to love? But Draco had always been so jealous of Harry that he never really stopped to think about what it all meant.

Why was Harry famous? Because You-Know-Who killed his parents when he was a baby. Not good. Because he was suspected of being the only person who could ultimately defeat the Dark Lord, which meant he would have to commit murder. Even worse. Draco had to admit that fame under those conditions was probably not ideal.

Harry also mentioned the pressure of having other people's lives in your hands. Draco definitely knew what that felt like. One thing that had confused him, though, was when Harry said something about already causing the death of someone he loved. Draco assumed Harry meant his parents, but it was a strange way of looking at it. Harry didn't exactly cause his parents' death, after all. That was thanks to the insanity of the Dark Lord.

This brought him back to his task. If he couldn't find a way to get to Dumbledore his parents would suffer the same fate as Harry's had and it would be his fault. He couldn't let that happen. He wanted to try to help Harry, although he was still clueless as to how, but he would also have to continue working on his task as well. He had another idea that might work, although it meant dealing with Madam Rosemerta again which Draco didn't particularly like. But if it meant the success of his plan without having to actually do it himself, then he'd do it.


Sunday afternoon couldn't come quickly enough for Draco. He was slightly annoyed with himself at how anxious he was to see Harry again. He was still Draco Malfoy, after all, and didn't like the idea of turning into a lovesick Hufflepuff. But as soon as he saw Harry enter the room, any annoyance he had felt melted away.

"Hi," Harry greeted him cheerfully. Draco could sense just the slightest bit of awkwardness in his greeting, and decided to put an end to that right away.

He didn't answer Harry, just strode over to him and stood directly in front of him for a moment. With his eyes locked onto Harry's, Draco removed his wand and cast several silencing and locking spells on the door. Harry blushed at the implication which made Draco smirk.

Draco licked his lips and watched as Harry's eyes followed the motion of his tongue. He waited for Harry's eyes to make their way back to his own before leaning in to kiss him.

The kiss lingered until Draco pulled back and rested his forehead on Harry's. "Hi," he said, his voice sounding sultry.

Harry grinned and Draco couldn't help but grin back. Damn Hufflepuff.

Harry made the move this time, albeit a bit hesitantly. He leaned in and ran his tongue along Draco's bottom lip before nipping at it with his teeth. Draco moaned low in his throat and maneuvered Harry to the sofa he had never bothered to transfigure back from yesterday. He was glad for it now.

He pushed Harry down onto his back and immediately covered the Gryffindor's body with his own. The heat emanating from those green eyes showed no hesitation or awkwardness now. Draco smashed their lips together, tongues attempting to map out every inch of space within each other's mouths. Draco moved his hips until his erection was directly on Harry's, which elicited a gasp from both boys.

Draco shifted his weight on to his left arm and with his right hand pulled Harry's shirt from his jeans. His hand slid up Harry's torso, wanting to feel every inch of skin he could reach. Harry seemed to have had the same idea since his hands were currently pulling Draco's shirt up so he could run his hands along Draco's back and shoulders. Neither boy wanted to stop kissing, but the idea of skin on skin contact became too much for them.

Draco sat up so he was straddling Harry and quickly pulled his shirt over his head while Harry did the same. Draco took a moment to look at Harry's bare chest and smirked. Harry blushed, which Draco had been hoping to see again. The blond reached down, placed his hands on Harry's taut stomach muscles and began to slowly run his hands over the expanse of Harry's chest. Harry closed his eyes and let out a soft moan which made Draco's cock twitch in his trousers.

Draco's hand brushed lightly over Harry's nipple, causing Harry's breath to hitch. With another smirk Draco leaned over and swiped his tongue over that same nipple.

"Oh!" Harry cried, his eyes shooting open. He looked down at Draco who was still looking up at him. Harry watched as Draco continued to tease and lick his nipple, Draco's eyes never leaving Harry's face. When Draco reached for the other nipple and pinched it, it almost proved too much for the raven-haired boy. He bucked his hips into Draco, desperately seeking some friction to help relieve his discomfort.

Draco slid back up Harry's torso to claim his mouth once more. Harry's hands found their way to Draco's back and he slipped them down to cup Draco's arse, grinding their cocks together even harder. Both boys moaned at the added pressure.

Draco reached between them to unfasten Harry's jeans. He tugged on the waistband and Harry caught on quickly. Between the two of them they had Harry's jeans and pants down to his knees. Draco reached for his own belt buckle and quickly undid his own trousers, pulling them down and off completely. He took a moment to remove Harry's jeans the rest of the way before climbing back on top of the now naked body laid out before him.

He saw the faint tint to Harry's cheeks and assumed Harry had just realized that they were both naked. Together. He wanted to put Harry's mind at ease, but he wasn't sure how exactly to do that. Emotions weren't exactly his strong point.

Harry surprised him again, however, by reaching out to run his fingers along Draco's left forearm. "You're not marked." It was a simple statement, but it held so much power.

"No," was all Draco could manage to get out.

Harry ghosted his fingers against Draco's forearm one more time, moved his head closer and replaced his fingers with his tongue. He circled that pale, beautiful, unmarked skin with his tongue until Draco thought he would climax just from that.

Draco realigned their bodies so their erections touched. Harry moaned and Draco dropped to his elbows, placing his face into Harry's neck.

"Gods, Harry, it feels so good," he murmured in Harry's ear, continuing to grind their cocks together.

"Mmmm..." Harry moaned while grasping Draco's arse again.

Draco reached down between their lightly sweaty bodies and clutched both of their cocks in his hand. He began fisting both of them together and the sensation was exquisite.

"Is this okay?" he whispered, hoping like hell that Harry said yes.

"Yes," Harry replied in a breathy sigh. "Don't stop, Draco. Please."

There were no words after that. It was all tongues and hands and cocks and sweat until Draco felt the sensation of his impending orgasm. His hand began jerking a bit erratically as his hips thrust even harder.

"Mmm, Harry, I'm gonna..."

"Gods, Draco, YES!"

Both boys hit their peak at the same time. Their bodies tensed while their cocks spilled their release over Draco's hand and Harry's abdomen. Draco continued to stroke them until the last of the tremors subsided.

Draco let his arm give out beneath him and dropped completely on top of Harry, head buried in the crook of Harry's neck. They stayed that way until their breathing returned to normal, Harry not even aware that he was tracing nonsense patterns on Draco's back with his fingers.

Draco sat up and reached down to where his trousers were on the floor. He grabbed his wand and did a cleaning spell on both of them. Harry thanked him and pulled himself to a sitting position, getting ready to get up and get dressed. Draco stopped him and pulled him in for a lazy kiss.

When they ended the kiss, Harry smiled and Draco felt his heart do that funny leap again. Between those eyes and that smile, Draco was lost.


Once they were fully dressed, both boys lounged on the sofa. Clearly they were both less uncomfortable "afterwards" then they were before.

"So how was Quidditch practice yesterday?" Harry asked, leaning his elbow on the arm of the sofa.

Draco quirked an eyebrow. "Looking for some inside information, are you Potter?" He grinned slightly to let Harry know he was just teasing.

Harry grinned back. "Yeah, that's it. I'm just using you to get the scoop on the Slytherin team."

"Git," Draco retorted.

"Takes one to know one," Harry shot back.

Both boys laughed, and Draco was taken back a bit. It felt good to laugh. He hadn't laughed in a long time, and he had the feeling Harry hadn't either.

They spent the next few minutes in silence until Harry turned his head toward Draco. Draco looked at Harry to find him staring at his left forearm. This made Draco distinctly uncomfortable.

"You're not marked." Again, it was a statement and not a question. Draco's initial reaction was to lash out with a nasty comment, but he tamped it down.

"No, I'm not," was what Draco said instead.

"I thought you were," Harry said in a lower voice, turning away from Draco. "I've thought that since the beginning of term. I tried to convince Ron and Hermione that you were up to something on Voldemort's orders, but they didn't believe me."

Draco's stomach dropped and his heart skipped a beat. Not only did this worry him, it hurt him too. It shouldn't, really. He certainly had spouted off enough in previous years for people to assume he would take the Mark, not to mention the fact that his father is one of the Dark Lord's most faithful servants. There was also the pesky fact that he was up to something on Voldemort's orders. Draco supposed he had hoped Harry would think better of him somehow. Especially after recent events.

"I'm really glad you're not marked, Draco," Harry continued, "This means there's a chance."

"A chance for what?" Draco asked, genuinely perplexed.

"A chance for you to not become a Death Eater. A chance for you to not follow in your father's footsteps," Harry looked directly into Draco's eyes, "a chance for you to help me defeat him."

"WHAT?" Draco yelled and jumped off the sofa. Of all the things he thought Harry might say, that was never ever in his radar.

Harry stood to face Draco. "Join our side, Draco. I've thought a lot about this since we started, er, talking and I think you want to. You gave me that book to try to help me, and you obviously don't hate me or want me dead, so it makes sense. I know it won't be easy to go against your parents, but Dumbledore will be there for you. And all the other Or- uh- people who are helping to defeat Voldemort."

Draco stared at Harry in shock. "Do you have any idea what you're asking me to do? You're asking me to desert my parents and go against the Dark Lord in order to help Dumbledore?" The irony of that was unmistakable, and Draco almost laughed at the sheer absurdity.

"Not just Dumbledore, but everyone that's working to defeat Voldemort..."

"STOP SAYING HIS NAME!" Draco shouted, losing his cool. He turned away from Harry, his eyes darting around the room.

"Okay, I'm sorry! But why is this such a big deal if you're not marked, Draco? You don't have to blindly follow your father into serving Vold-er, him. You can make your own choices."

"It's not that easy, Harry," Draco replied, turning back to face the Gryffindor. "I know my father has done some terrible things in the Dark Lord's name, but he's still my father. I love my parents, Harry, and you're asking me to do something that could most likely get them killed! How can you ask that of me?" Draco turned again and this time made his way to the window. He leaned on the window sill and stared blankly out into the open air.

He heard Harry cross the room and come up behind him. "I'm sorry, Draco. I didn't mean to upset you. I guess I just got caught up in the idea that you wanted to help me and that maybe..." Harry trailed off.

"Maybe what?" Draco asked without turning around.

"Maybe I could keep you safe. Gods that sounds so stupid." Draco couldn't see it, but he knew Harry was blushing again.

"I really am sorry, Draco. But when I saw that you weren't marked, I thought that was my chance."

Draco dropped his hands from the sill and turned to face Harry. "Forever playing the hero, eh, Potter?"

Harry grinned that lopsided grin Draco was beginning to adore. "Yeah, I guess."

Draco closed the gap between them and kissed Harry lightly on the lips. He took Harry's hand and led them back to the sofa.

"Draco, can I ask you a question?" Harry asked tentatively.

"Sure, but I won't promise to answer you," Draco said with a smirk.

Harry elbowed him in the side. "What's going on with you? I know something's been bothering you, and I thought it had something to do with Voldemort - sorry," Harry apologized at Draco's wince, "but now I don't know what to think."

"Then don't think," Draco said, voice lower than usual. He leaned over and brought his mouth even with Harry's ear and whispered, "I have a better idea." He felt Harry shiver slightly which made his pulse quicken.

Draco kissed and licked his way from Harry's ear to the base of his neck, eliciting a moan from the other boy. Draco's hand found Harry's half-hard erection and brought it the rest of the way. He undid the button and zip and released Harry from the confines of his jeans. He stroked a few times before stopping to look at Harry, a wicked gleam in his eye.

"Draco?" Harry questioned a bit uneasily at that look. Draco just smirked and stood up, only to kneel in front of the slightly confused Gryffindor. He tugged Harry's jeans down to his feet and brought his face within an inch of Harry's jutting erection.

Draco looked up at Harry and his heart leapt in his chest. The smoldering look emanating from those eyes almost took Draco's breath away. He had to see more. His tongue darted out, just grazing the head of Harry's cock. Harry made a guttural noise in the back of his throat, closing his eyes and resting his head on the back of the sofa.

Draco brought his attention back to Harry's weeping cock. He licked from tip to base and back again, stopping briefly to swirl his tongue around Harry's sac. Harry's hips bucked off the sofa in a desperate attempt at more contact, and Draco decided to take pity on him.

He swirled his tongue around the head before engulfing him fully in his mouth. He had only done this a few times before, twice to be exact, but he enjoyed it. And he was intent on making sure Harry enjoyed it as well.

Draco had to place his hands on Harry's hips to keep Harry from choking him. He worked himself up and down Harry's shaft, loving the little mewling sounds the Gryffindor was making at this point. Harry's hand grabbed the back of Draco's head, fingers entwining into Draco's hair which spurred Draco on even more.

It wasn't long before Draco felt Harry's body begin to tense. "Gods, Draco, oh, I, UNGH!" Draco braced himself for the onslaught of Harry's spunk. He wasn't really used to this yet, but he relished the fact that he had made Harry climax with his mouth. He continued working Harry until the very last drop.

He pulled himself off and looked up to see Harry with a look of total bliss on his face, smiling rather sappily at Draco. "That was bloody brilliant," Harry mumbled, still basking in the afterglow of his orgasm.

"Why thank you," Draco replied, bowing his head slightly. Harry chuckled which made Draco smile.

Draco sat down next to Harry and was surprised when the dark-haired boy leaned over to kiss him. He didn't think Harry would want to kiss him after that, but there he was sticking his tongue into Draco's mouth, so he obviously didn't care. Draco deepened the kiss even farther and wrapped his arms around Harry's waist.

Harry reached down to rub Draco's throbbing erection. "I want to do that to you," Harry breathed into Draco's mouth, causing the Slytherin to shiver.

"Don't let me stop you, then," Draco answered, not bothering to stop kissing.
"But - I - don't - I've - never - "Harry stammered in between kisses.

"It's okay, Harry. Just do what you think would feel good to you," Draco replied.

Harry unfastened Draco's trousers and slid off the couch to his knees. Draco removed the offending item of clothing and watched as Harry stared at his member.

"Does it pass inspection?" Draco teased.

"Sorry, I've just never seen another one before. Up close, I mean," Harry stammered, his face flushing with color.

Draco could practically see Harry summoning his Gryffindor courage and watched as he hesitantly licked a path up Draco's cock. The sensation was fleeting, but fantastic and Draco couldn't help but moan.

"Like that?" Harry asked, sounding so innocent.

"Just like that, Harry. Perfect," Draco purred.

Draco placed his hand on the back of Harry's head and rubbed little circles with his fingers. Harry smiled and leaned down to try again. He licked the little drop of liquid that was leaking out of the tip, and then took Draco into his mouth.

"Yes, Harry, just like that," Draco encouraged breathily. Harry seemed to respond to the praise and began bobbing his head up and down Draco's length, using his tongue in fantastic ways.

Draco couldn't help but thrust into that hot, wet mouth just a little bit. He didn't want to choke Harry, but he needed to move. Harry seemed okay with that.

Draco watched as Harry licked and sucked his cock. This was amazing. The Chosen One was sucking him off. Then again, he had just sucked said Chosen One off too, so he supposed it was only fair.

He could feel his orgasm approaching from low in his belly and wanted to warn Harry. "Harry, I'm close," he whispered, expecting the Gryffindor to pull off. Instead Harry looked up at Draco with those piercing green eyes, squeezed his sac with his left hand and sucked hard.

All that stimulation sent Draco spiraling over the edge. He could feel his fingers pulling Harry's hair but couldn't stop himself. He continued to thrust into Harry's mouth until he was spent.

Draco felt Harry pull off. He opened his eyes to see Harry wiping the little bit of spunk that had dribbled out of his mouth. Damn, that's hot Draco thought, and reached out to bring Harry into a fierce kiss.

"So, that was okay then?" Harry asked, smiling shyly.

"It was adequate," Draco smirked, eliciting a smack from Harry. "It was more than okay, Harry. It was incredible."

The two boys got dressed and reluctantly agreed that it was probably time for them to get going. They paused in front of the door for one last kiss.

Draco reached for the doorknob, but Harry's hand covered his to stop him. "Draco, wait." Draco looked at Harry expectantly.

"You still haven't told me what's going on with you. I won't pressure you, but I want you to know I'll help you if I can. Not because I want to play the hero, but because I want to help my, uh, my friend. Okay? And the offer to join our side is always open, too."

Draco felt his throat tighten. He didn't trust himself to try to speak so he settled for nodding his head.

Harry leaned in, put his arms around Draco's neck and kissed him, tongues gently caressing each other. He gave Draco one last smile. "Bye."

"Bye," Draco managed to utter before shutting the door.

He turned and leaned against the door, closing his eyes against the burning sensation he was feeling. Harry had offered to help him. First he asked him to join Dumbledore, then he unknowingly offered to help him kill Dumbledore.

For the first time since Draco could remember, he wanted to cry.


It was difficult for Draco to fall asleep that night. He kept replaying the events of the evening over and over in his mind. The sex had been incredible, of course, but the thought Draco kept coming back to was Harry's offer to join the other side.

Would he ever be able to do that? He knew in his heart he did not want to follow the Dark Lord, but would he be willing to turn his back on his family, his mother, and fight alongside Harry? No, he didn't think he could. He was sure that would be a death sentence for his parents and he just couldn't be responsible for that, could he?

But if he didn't join Harry, his only option was to continue with his plans for Dumbledore. He had tried another approach at Christmas time, but so far nothing had come from that. He just couldn't bring himself to work on the task with his whole heart and mind. But if he didn't complete it, again he would be responsible for his parents death, and most likely his own. It was pretty much a hopeless situation.

The burning sensation in his eyes was back and he closed them tightly. He would not cry. He would figure something out. He had to.

Draco rubbed his eyes with the back of his hands and mentally berated himself. He was never going to get to sleep if he kept thinking this way. He forced his mind to conjure better memories from his time with Harry that afternoon. Harry's lips on his. Harry's naked body lying beneath him. Harry's cock in his mouth. His cock in Harry's mouth. Much better, Draco thought to himself as he drifted off into a restless sleep.


The next morning Draco woke to a very dreary day. Cloudy and grey, kind of like my mood, Draco thought grumpily. He readied himself for class and went to breakfast with a few of his dorm mates.

As he entered the Great Hall and walked toward the Slytherin table, he couldn't help but feel as if he were being watched. His eyes automatically went to the Gryffindor table where he saw Harry watching him. Harry's mouth quirked just the slightest bit when he saw Draco had noticed him. Draco sent back his trademark smirk and began filling his plate with food, his mood seemingly shifted for the better all of a sudden.

Somehow Draco managed to get through breakfast. He and Harry had spent the entire time catching each other's glances and trying not to smile. At one point Draco had taken a bite of his banana in a rather suggestive manner which caused Harry to blush and squirm in his seat. That little plan backfired, however, seeing as how Harry's reaction caused Draco to become aroused as well.

On the way to his first class Draco saw Harry and a few of his friends lingering in the corridor. As he walked by the pack of Gryffindors, he quickly caught Harry's eye and gave just the slightest nod of his head to indicate he wanted Harry to come with him and continued down the hall. About half way down the corridor, he spotted the little alcove he was looking for and stepped into it. He waited, pulse quickening, to see if Harry would follow him.

A few seconds later he heard footsteps, and then saw the messy hair he had been waiting to see. Without warning, he reached out and grabbed Harry, dragging him into the alcove.

Harry only had time to gasp in surprise before Draco's mouth covered his, his body pressing Harry back against the wall. Harry quickly responded and the two boys spent the next few moments snogging madly.

Harry pulled back first. "Draco!" he hissed, "Someone could see us!"

"Only if they're looking," Draco whispered, licking a strip up Harry's neck. "You were a naughty boy at breakfast, Harry." Draco pushed one leg in between Harry's and pressed his erection against Harry's thigh.

"ME?" Harry rasped indignantly. "I was NOT the one molesting his banana!" Harry grabbed Draco's arse and pulled Draco closer.

"Yes, but you blushed so beautifully and got all squirmy which made me hot as hell," Draco confessed, now nibbling on Harry's neck just below his ear.

"Gods, Draco," Harry moaned as he began frotting against Draco's leg.

Draco hurriedly pushed Harry's robe aside and unfastened his trousers. Harry did the same and they quickly began stroking each other.

"Gods, Draco," Harry moaned again, "I thought about you all night last night. I kept thinking about what we did. I want to do it again, Draco. Merlin, I want to do it again." Harry's hand tightened on Draco's cock as his hips began to thrust harder.

"Yes, Harry, yes," Draco murmured as his own orgasm approached, biting Harry's neck a little harder than he meant to.

Harry hissed as his orgasm hit, leaning over to bite Draco's shoulder to keep himself from crying out. Feeling Harry's shuddering body and the pain from Harry's teeth sent Draco spiraling over the edge. He forced back the sounds that were desperately trying to get out as his orgasm overtook him.

Both boys continued to lean against each other until their breathing returned to normal. Draco made to move off of Harry, but Harry put his arms around his neck and kissed him before he could move. It was a gentle, passionate kiss that made Draco's stomach flip.

Draco pulled back and looked into those eyes he had fallen asleep thinking about last night. "As much as I'd love to stay here all day, we'd better be getting to class." Harry reluctantly agreed.

They straightened their clothing and Harry performed a cleaning spell on both of them. Draco peeked out of the alcove to make sure no one was there before exiting.

"Okay, Harry, you can go now." Harry gave Draco a quick peck on the cheek before hurrying to class.

Draco waited a minute before leaving, and then made his way to his class. He was definitely in a MUCH better mood than first thing this morning. Guess that's what a good snogging, and more, will do for you, he thought to himself, unable to suppress the grin that was tugging on his lips.


The rest of the week went on much the same. Casual glances here, stolen moments there. Draco was actually beginning to feel human again and he was quite happy about it. He hadn't been back to the Room of Hidden Things in over a week. He just couldn't bring himself to go there and let the darkness consume him again. He knew he would have to face it again eventually, but not now.

The boys had planned to meet up on Sunday, same time as before. Draco had gotten to the room first this time and was not-so-patiently waiting to have Harry to himself once more.

The door opened and Harry came into the room, immediately finding Draco's eyes with his own. After casting their usual locking and silencing spells Harry smiled and sat on the sofa next to Draco.

"Hi," Harry said jovially as he leaned in to give Draco a quick peck on the lips with just the slightest bit of hesitation.

When will he not be so bloody uncomfortable, Draco thought before his hand darted out to catch the back of Harry's head, holding it in place.

"Hi yourself," Draco said, his voice sultry. He saw Harry swallow before bringing their mouths together for a passionate kiss, his fingers curling into Harry's hair.

They kissed for a few moments, feeling any lingering stress from the outside world melt away. Finally pulling back, Harry leaned back on the sofa. Draco did so as well, but decided at the last minute to shift sideways and swing his legs up to rest them in Harry's lap. Harry chuckled but did not attempt to move them.

They made small talk for a while, talking about classes and Quidditch. Eventually the conversation lagged and they sat together in comfortable silence, Harry lightly stroking Draco's shin. Draco could feel Harry's body tense just slightly and knew the Gryffindor was gathering his courage to say something.

Sure enough, Harry spoke. "Uh, Draco, how are you?"

Draco smirked, "Fine, thank you, and how are you?"

Harry smacked Draco's knee. "Git. You know what I mean. How are you?"

Draco suppressed a sigh. Didn't this whole thing start out because Draco wanted to help Harry? And now it seemed that Harry was trying to help Draco. "I'm okay, Harry. Really. It's amazing what regular snogging sessions can do for your disposition." Draco smiled as he saw the familiar blush rise in Harry's cheeks. "You seem a bit more chipper these days too."

"Yeah, I am," Harry smiled back at Draco which caused Draco's heart to soar.

Draco moved his leg to put the slightest bit of pressure on Harry's crotch. "How about a snogging session now?" Draco asked, his voice dropping lower than usual.

Harry's eyes dropped to Draco's mouth and he licked his lips. Draco wondered if he had done that intentionally or not, but either way it had the same effect. Draco felt his groin begin to swell and licked his own lips in response.

He moved his legs off Harry's lap and was surprised when Harry slid over to lean against him, pressing his body into the arm of the sofa. Harry swiped his tongue along Draco's lips, Draco parting them to allow Harry in. Their tongues danced in each other's mouths, hands roaming over as much of each other as they could reach.

Draco shimmied himself down so he was lying flat on his back, Harry completely on top of him. This was different. Nice, but different. He decided to see what Harry might be willing to do if left on his own, so to speak.

Harry pressed his hardness into Draco, kissing him forcefully. Draco couldn't help but grab Harry's backside and pull him closer. Harry's hand snaked its way under Draco's shirt and he began running his nails lightly up and down Draco's torso. Draco found himself moaning at the exquisite feeling.

Harry pushed Draco's shirt up and Draco took the hint. He removed it as quickly as possible, not wanting to break Harry's momentum. Draco noticed Harry steal a quick glance at his bare forearm before leaning down to kiss him hard.

Draco's heart was slamming so hard in his chest he was sure Harry could feel it. Having Harry in control was just as arousing as being in control. Maybe almost a little more so because he didn't know what the Gryffindor might do next.

Almost as if Harry had heard his thoughts, he broke the kiss and grinned at Draco. His hand found its way to Draco's trousers and he made quick work of unfastening them. He reached in to grasp Draco's cock, eliciting a groan from the blond. He started slowly with soft, gentle strokes while kissing Draco's chest and abdomen. It felt so good. So nice. That was a strange word to use for something like this, but it was true.

Draco's left arm dropped to his side, his right arm lightly resting on Harry's back. He heard a contented sigh and was surprised to realize it came from him.

Harry continued to kiss, lick and nip his way all along Draco's torso. As his hand increased in speed, so did his mouth. Before long Harry was stroking Draco with long hard strokes which had Draco panting. He couldn't help but thrust himself into Harry's hand. Harry was giving him more pleasure than he ever thought possible.

Just then Harry's tongue found Draco's nipple. Draco gasped and bucked harder into Harry's hand.

"Like that, do you?" Harry whispered, his voice sexier than Draco had ever heard it before.

"Yes," Draco hissed, both in response to Harry's question and the movement of Harry's tongue.

Harry flicked his tongue repeatedly over Draco's nub which caused Draco to make a sort of whining sound he didn't even know how to describe. He didn't care at the moment how ridiculous he may have sounded, the only thing he could focus on was Harry's hand and tongue.

Suddenly, Harry's hand tightened its grip on Draco's cock and he bit down on Draco's nipple. Draco cried out Harry's name as his entire body convulsed with the force of his orgasm. Harry's hand continued to stroke him until the last of the tremors subsided.

They laid there for a moment, both catching their breath. Draco smiled at the realization that Harry had brought himself to orgasm just by touching Draco and frotting against the sofa. Interesting.

Harry raised his head to look at Draco. "Wow," was all he said.

Draco laughed, "Well said, Potter." Harry smacked him on the leg and sat up to retrieve his wand.

Once they were cleaned up and dressed, they settled back on the couch with Draco sitting and Harry lying with his head in Draco's lap.

They sat in silence for a while, Draco running his fingers through Harry's hair. Harry looked up at Draco with a slightly sad expression on his face. "I'm sorry about the other day, Draco. For upsetting you."

Draco instantly knew what Harry meant and wanted to steer clear of that conversation again. "It's okay, Harry. Let's not bring it up again."

"I won't, but the offer still stands, just so you know." Harry closed his eyes and continued. "I just didn't really think about the fact that I was asking you to turn your back on your parents. To me they're just Lucius and Narcissa, the man who tried to kill me and the nasty witch who threw insults at me in Diagon Alley."

Draco couldn't help but flinch at those words, and Harry was quick to apologize.

"I'm sorry, Draco. I probably shouldn't have said that, but I'm trying to explain myself. What I meant was to me they are just two people involved in the opposite side of the war. But to you they are your parents and I should've been more sensitive to that. I'm sorry."

There was a part of Draco that wanted to be angry at what Harry was saying, to take offense to the slur on his parents. But the reality of it was everything Harry said was true. His father had tried to kill Harry and his mother, as well as himself for that matter, had been incredibly nasty to Harry in the past. Why Harry was with him now was beyond him.

Draco brushed a lock of hair out of Harry's eyes. "It's okay. I know you were trying to help me. Trying to give me a way out of the mess I'm in. But I just can't do that to them, Harry. They'll be killed, I'm sure of it. I can't be responsible for that." Draco's voice trailed off as he fought for control over his emotions.

Harry opened his eyes and took hold of Draco's hand, stopping it's movement. "I knew it. I knew something was going on with you, you practically admitted it just now. But I promised I wouldn't push and I won't. But please, Draco, please tell me you'll come to me if you need me. Please." Harry's eyes were pleading and Draco's heart was breaking.

Draco knew he had to word things carefully. He cared about Harry too much to outright lie to him. "If I think there is anything you can do to help me, then yes, I promise I will ask you for help."

Harry smiled slightly. "I guess I'll accept that." He kept a hold of Draco's hand and placed both of them on his chest, closing his eyes once more.

"I sometimes wonder what it's like. To have parents, I mean. I have the Weasleys and everything, but it's not quite the same. I haven't had anyone to love me or be there for me for my entire life." Draco could feel Harry's fingers tense slightly in his hand.

"What about those Muggles you lived with? They were your family, weren't they?" Draco asked, genuinely curious. He had heard rumors about Harry's early years, but he didn't really know anything for sure.

Harry snorted. "Technically yes, they were my family. But they certainly didn't love me. I was more of a house elf to them then a child. Surely you've heard the rumors, Draco. They're all true, I can tell you."

"Even the one about you living in a closet?" Draco had begun stroking Harry's forehead with his free hand.

"A cupboard, yeah. Under the stairs," Harry confirmed. "I didn't have my own room until I was 11 and got my letter from Hogwarts."

Draco didn't know what to say. "I'm sorry," was all he could manage.

"It's not your fault, but thanks," Harry replied. "It's kind of a strange way to grow up though. No one loves you and everyone tells you you're not worthy of love anyway. Then you find out your famous and everyone wants to talk to you, be your friend. Sort of plays with your mind a bit." Harry chuckled at this understatement.

Draco spared a moment to think back to his own childhood. His parents are who they are, but they always showed Draco that they loved him and that he was someone special. He couldn't imagine what it must have been like for Harry.

Harry continued, "Then you finally do get people in your life that care about you, only to realize that you are putting them in danger just by being in their lives. They could end up dead because of you. And to top it all off, the one person who could possibly take you away from the miserable place you call home does end up dead," Harry squeezed his eyes shut tighter at this last statement.

Anything Draco could think of to say sounded trite. Instead of talking, he chose to raise Harry's hand to his lips and kiss it gently. Harry opened his eyes and stared at Draco for a moment before sitting up and bringing them face to face.

Draco wanted to promise Harry that he would never hurt him, that he would never leave him, but he couldn't. He knew he couldn't because he knew it wasn't true. How he could have ever let himself get into this position he didn't know. But here he was and he was going to have to deal with it.

Draco placed his hand on Harry's cheek and brought him in for a slow, sweet kiss. He hoped he could convey how strongly he was beginning to feel for Harry through his lips and tongue. Harry responded in kind and they were content to just kiss for a while.

Harry laid his head back down in Draco's lap and Draco resumed running his fingers through Harry's hair.

"Mmmm, feels nice," Harry murmured.

Draco watched as the Gryffindor dropped off to sleep. His mind was swimmimg with a chaotic jumble of emotions.

Things were spiraling out of control once again. He truly cared for Harry now and was the happiest when he was around him. But being with Harry was going to cause him pain in the end, and probably Draco too. He knew there was no way he was going to get out of this mess with the Dark Lord easily. He was either going to have to kill Dumbledore or join Harry and condemn his parents to a death sentence.

Maybe the plan he put into action at Christmas would finally work. He didn't have high hopes for that since it had been a while, but if it did work at least Harry wouldn't know for sure it was Draco. He would probably suspect, but he wouldn't know for sure.

Draco focused on the Gryffindor sleeping in his lap. He saw Harry smile slightly and couldn't help but smile himself. He wondered what Harry was dreaming about, and found himself hoping it was him. He chuckled at himself and shook Harry slightly to wake him.

Harry sighed and stretched slightly. "What time is it?" he asked sleepily.

"Time to go," Draco replied, rubbing Harry's thigh in a soothing manner.

"Don't wanna," Harry mumbled, turning his body so his face was now buried in Draco's lap.

Draco laughed, "If you keep doing that we won't be going anywhere." He tried to push Harry off his lap, but the Gryffindor wouldn't budge.

"That's the plan," Harry's muffled voice drifted up from Draco's lap. Harry's hot breath on Draco's crotch caused his cock to twitch and begin to harden.

"Ahh, I see my plan is working," Harry grinned wickedly. He began to mouth at Draco's erection through his trousers.

Draco smirked. "I think I've created a monster," he said good naturedly as Harry continued his ministrations in Draco's lap.

"And I thank you for that," Harry said as he unfastened Draco's trousers and released his cock.

Draco kept his eyes on Harry as he licked Draco's cock from base to tip. He swirled his tongue around the head before licking back down again. Harry took Draco into his mouth completely and moaned. The vibrations did delicious things to Draco which caused him to shiver involuntarily.

"You're a quick learner, Potter," Draco said breathlessly as he watched Harry bob up and down on his member.

Harry looked up at Draco and smiled without taking his mouth off of Draco. Draco smiled back until Harry pressed his tongue to the vein on the underside of Draco's cock which caused the blond to close his eyes and rest his head on the back of the sofa.

Harry's hand slid up Draco's calf to the inside of his thigh and finally to Draco's sac. He gently rolled it around in his hand while continuing to suck Draco's cock. Draco felt his impending orgasm and wanted to warn Harry, but at that moment Harry's finger slipped behind his sac and pressed on that spot that sent Draco spiraling over the edge.

He thrust into Harry's mouth, back arching off the sofa, every muscle in his body spasming in pleasure. Harry managed to swallow it all this time, and seemed rather proud of himself. Draco smiled at him through his post-orgasmic haze.

Once his heart rate had returned to normal, he grinned at Harry, still in his lap. "My turn," he said with a feral look in his eye.

Harry sat up and Draco pushed him onto his back. Draco removed Harry's jeans and pants to find Harry fully hard and wet at the tip. Draco salivated. He had intended on teasing Harry a bit, but he had no patience for that now. He swallowed Harry in one fluid motion.

Harry hissed and thrust into Draco's mouth, grasping the blond hair wildly. Draco worked Harry's cock furiously, as if there were nothing more important in the world, making sure his tongue touched all the places Draco liked to be touched.

Draco wanted to push things a bit farther. He wrapped his right hand around the base of Harry's cock and began pumping while he continued to suck.

"Fuck, Draco," Harry moaned, tightening his grip on Draco's hair. Draco was encouraged to go farther.

Draco removed himself from Harry just long enough to coat his middle finger with saliva. Harry whimpered at the loss and bucked his hips slightly, searching for Draco's touch.

He enveloped Harry in his mouth once again, stroking what he could not fit into his mouth. He pressed his wet index finger at Harry's entrance which caused the Gryffindor to tense.

"Relax, Harry," Draco murmured, "Just relax."

Draco felt Harry's body relax and he pressed in a little further, just breaching the entrance. Harry gasped, but did not move away.

Draco slipped his finger in the rest of the way, and began to slowly move the digit in and out of Harry's body. Harry's breath increased and Draco was surprised to see himself harden again.

Draco had never done this before, but he had heard from Zabini that there was a spot inside that could drive a man insane if you found it. Draco gently probed until he pushed on a spot that caused Harry to cry out and thrust wildly into Draco's mouth.

Harry's entire body shuddered and he shot his release down Draco's throat as the blond continued to stroke him inside and out.

While Harry recuperated from his mind-blowing orgasm, Draco found his wand and performed a cleaning spell over both of them.

Harry finally managed to speak, "That was fucking incredible, Draco."

Draco feigned offense. "Harry! Please, watch your language." They both laughed and began to get dressed.

Much too soon for both of them, it was time to leave. They made plans to meet during the week, both hoping they would be able to sneak in some quickies here and there as well.

As Harry turned to leave, he hesitated and turned back to face Draco. He cupped his hand to Draco's cheek and kissed him more tenderly than Draco had ever been kissed before. He gave Draco one last smile and headed off to the Gryffindor Common Room.


Over the next few weeks Draco and Harry spent as much time as they could together without rousing suspicions from their friends. Stolen moments between classes, meetings in their classroom, and once they even had a particularly lovely snog down by the black lake after curfew. They had never had actual sex with each other, but they had done just about everything else.

Being with Harry, however, was quickly becoming a double edged sword. The time spent with Harry was pure bliss, but once Draco was alone again his demons crept back into his brain and held on for all they were worth. Draco was determined to drink in this happiness as much as he could since the rug could be pulled out from under him any moment.

One evening while Harry was at Quidditch practice, Draco sat in the Slytherin common room watching Theo Nott and Blaise Zabini play wizard chess when he heard a tap at the window. He crossed the room to open the window, allowing a familiar owl into the room. He recognized it as his eagle owl from the Manor. His stomach dropped at once.

He detached the letter and the owl flew away. Upon first glance Draco noticed his mother's handwriting was on the envelope, not his father's. Thank Merlin for smallfavors, he thought as he started for his room.

"Whatcha got, Draco?" Pansy questioned from her seat at the fireplace.

"What does it look like?" Draco sneered, the slight smirk at the end giving away his true feelings.

"It looks like a letter, smart ass," Pansy sneered right back. "I meant who's it from? Your secret boooyfrieeend?" She drew out this last word, sounding like an 8 year old girl.

"My what?" Draco was truly surprised by this revelation.

"Oh, come on, Drake, everyone's noticed the change in you lately," Pansy continued. "First you're all mopey and on edge all the time, and now you seem happier and you disappear at all hours of the day. We figured you're out hooking up with someone, we just can't figure out whom."

Draco, mouth agape, looked from Pansy to Theo and Blaise, who had stopped playing to watch this new game instead. They both shook their heads in agreement.

Blaise gave Draco his infamous bedroom eyes and purred, "If you're ever looking for a third for your little parties, I'd love to volunteer."

"Blaise!" Pansy shrieked with laughter, "You don't even know who Draco's with?"

"Don't care," Blaise replied, eyes never leaving Draco's.

"Slut," Pansy and Theo said simultaneously, laughing. Blaise shrugged.

Draco smirked, trying to recover from his surprise at Pansy's statement and Blaise's rather interesting offer. "I'll keep that in mind, Zabini." He turned his back on his friends, their laughter still echoing in the room.

He entered his room and immediately sat on his bed and drew the drapes around him. Casting a silencing spell just in case, he opened the envelope and removed the parchment inside.

My Darling Draco,

I hope this letter finds you well. I trust your studies have been acceptable this year. I've heard from some of our friends that you have been acting unusual, and I sincerely hope you have been able to pull yourself together and resume working on the tasks at hand. We are all counting on you to fulfill your destiny, Draco. Things at the Manor are interesting, but tolerable. I miss you very much and look forward to the time when we can be together again.

All my love, Mother

Draco’s eyes burned, a feeling that never seemed far away these days. He shut them tightly and rubbed his forehead.

He could read between the lines well enough. His mother had been told to send him a letter to remind him of his task. They knew the first post from Lucius would scare him, which it did. They also knew that one from his mum would scare him even more, but on an emotional level. Right again.

Draco jumped from his bed and began pacing the room. His mother was his greatest weakness and they knew it. There was no outward threat, but he knew it was there just the same. If he didn’t complete his task his mother would die.

Panic gripped at his throat and Draco was finding it hard to breathe. A myriad of thoughts and emotions were swirling through Draco’s head so quickly he was finding it hard to grasp on to any of them.

Harry. That was the one that seemed to snap him out of his fear. He could go to Harry. He could go to Harry and...

And what? Tell Harry Voldemort was going to kill his mother if he didn’t murder Dumbledore? Then what? Harry would want to go to Dumbledore. Then what? Then they would come up with some cockamamie plan that would take forever and probably fail and then his mother, both of his parents, would die. Because of him.

Draco ran his hand through his hair, reminiscent of a certain Gryffindor, and shook his head. Could he take that chance? He just didn’t know. The other option was to fix the damn cabinet and let some of the Death Eaters in so he could get to Dumbledore. That would put everyone else in the castle in jeopardy, but at least his parents would be safe. A small voice in his head told him he should feel badly about thinking that way, but he ignored it. There weren’t many people at Hogwarts he truly cared about outside of his fellow Slytherins, and he knew they would be alright.

Draco stopped short, his blood running cold. If he let the Death Eaters in would they go after Harry? He had never thought about that before, his thoughts focused solely on the headmaster. Was that another reason why Draco was supposed to get the Death Eaters inside?

Draco dropped back down on his bed. Is that what this had come to now? Draco choosing between his parents and Harry?

He thought he might be sick.


Draco hardly slept at all that night, his thoughts spiraling between his parents and Harry. The next morning, Sunday, he arose early and quietly crept out of the room before the other boys were awake. The common room was deserted which made it easy for him to leave unnoticed.

He knew it was ridiculously early and he knew there was no chance that Harry would be there, but he made his way to their classroom anyway. Maybe Harry would show up? Maybe he would sense Draco needed him? Yeah, and maybe those nargles that Lovegood girl talks about are real, Draco thought icily to himself.

The room was empty when Draco got there, but somehow he felt better nonetheless. It was almost as if he could feel Harry’s presence, and that was going to have to be good enough for now.

Draco laid down on the sofa and propped his feet up on the arm, crossing his arms over his chest. He couldn’t help the slight smile as the scent of Harry wafted up from the sofa cushion. He turned his face into it and fell into a restless sleep.


Draco watched with a silent scream. His father was torturing Dumbledore while his mother and Harry, bound to the chairs they were sitting in, watched in horror. Draco was trying to get to them, but the harder he ran the further they slipped away. He had to stop this, he had to...

The slamming of the door woke Draco from his nightmare and he sat up with a start. Harry was standing in front of him, but Draco knew in an instant that he was angry. Terribly angry.

“Harry, what - ,” was all Draco managed to say before Harry exploded in front of him.

“YOU ALMOST KILLED RON!” Harry shouted. “First Katie, and now Ron. What in bloody HELL are you playing at, Malfoy!”

Draco was stung at Harry’s use of his surname again, but he was too confused by the situation to give it much thought.

“Harry, what are you – “ but again he was cut off.

“I knew you were up to something! I begged you to let me help you. Hell, I even asked you to help ME!” Harry began pacing the room, his arms flailing as he spoke. “I swear if Ron would’ve died, I...” Harry stopped abruptly. Draco wasn’t sure what he was thinking, but he used the brief silence to his advantage.

“Harry, what the bloody hell are you talking about? What happened to Ron?”

Harry turned to Draco with venom in his eyes. Draco flinched.

“He almost died from drinking poisoned mead, Malfoy. What’s the matter? Can’t keep your murder attempts straight anymore?”

What little color Draco had in his face drained away. Shit. The poisoned mead he’d had Rosemerta make. How the hell did Weasley end up drinking that? No matter, he had more important things to deal with at the moment.

“Harry, I – “ but Draco was once again interrupted by the seething Gryffindor.

“Don’t bother to deny it, I know it was you. I don’t have proof, but I know it. This has something to do with whatever problem you’ve been dealing with. You never admitted to anything outright, but it doesn’t take a genius to figure it out. I just don’t know what you’re ultimately after. What could Katie and Ron have that you...” Harry trailed off, a look of shock on his face.

“Me,” Harry said, an eerie calm in his voice. “That’s what Ron and Katie have in common. Being friends with me. Is that was this is? Another way to get to me by hurting my friends?”

Draco remembered Harry talking about how distressed he was over putting people in danger just by being his friend. His heart clenched. He wanted to tell Harry that wasn’t true, that it had nothing to do with him, but he wasn’t sure how much he could say without giving away everything. He was turning out to not be very good under pressure.

He was saved from saying anything by the return of Harry’s fury. “Why not just kill me? Why hurt innocent people? Or maybe you didn’t want to kill me at all. Maybe you wanted to get your rocks off? Screw with my head while trying to screw my arse, is that it?”

Draco felt as if he had been punched in the stomach. How could Harry think that? Hadn’t he shown Harry how much he cared for him? Sure, neither one of them had ever said it in words, but he had thought he was able to convey his feelings through his touch, his kiss. It wounded him deeply to think that Harry’s mind could be changed so quickly.

He felt his defenses rise and his temper flare. “Oh yes, Potter,” Draco spat, “that’s exactly what it was. The Dark Lord ordered me to fuck with you and your friends. I just decided to take him literally. Think Granger’d be up for a good shag later?”

Before Draco could comprehend what was happening, Harry flew to where he was standing and punched him square in the mouth. Draco hit the floor hard.

“Fuck you, Malfoy,” Harry spat and stormed from the room.


The next month was torture for Draco. The times he would’ve been with Harry were now spent in the Room of Hidden Things. Since Harry thought their entire relationship had been a farce he was sure the offer to join his side was off the table. That left the cabinet Draco’s only option.

The cabinet was not Draco’s only source of unhappiness, however. He had to endure the anger and sadness he saw in Harry too. Harry looked almost as he did at the start of the school year. Draco knew Harry’s friends were concerned about him for he was rarely alone. No matter how much they tried they couldn’t seem lift the melancholy that had invaded him. Draco’s heart fell every time he saw Harry, knowing he was the reason Harry felt so miserable.

The anger, however, was almost worse. He remembered a particularly difficult Potions class when most of the other students were taking their apparition tests. Harry spent the entire class shooting daggers at him from across the room. Draco couldn’t stand seeing so much anger from those eyes directed solely at him. Those eyes that he had wanted to get lost in. Now he just wanted to get away from them as quickly as possible.

Draco’s own emotions mirrored Harry’s. He would fluctuate between being heartbroken over hurting Harry and being pissed off that Harry would think Draco was using him that way. Couldn’t Harry sense how Draco felt about him? Draco thought they had made a connection during their trysts in the classroom, how could Harry think that was all fabricated? Toss in his fear of having to complete his task and he was an emotional wreck.

He wondered if Harry ever went back to their classroom. He hadn’t been there since their fight. He couldn’t bring himself to go back and face all of the memories they had made in that room. It was hard enough to keep those memories from replaying themselves in his head night after night.

He had taken to hiding out in the girls’ bathroom where that ghost resided. It was a strange place to go, but since no one else ever went in there he knew it was a safe place to take a breather without anyone bothering him. The ghost, Myrna, Myrtle, something like that, would try to talk to him sometimes, but he usually just brushed her off.

Draco found himself in said bathroom after a particularly frustrating day. He had woken up to a dream of Harry. Of course. They had been lying in the sun out by the lake laughing and snogging. It had been a wonderfully peaceful dream, but that peacefulness was shattered the minute Draco opened his eyes and reality broke through.

He had then spent all day locked in the Room of Hidden Things getting closer and closer to fixing the bloody cabinet, but just not being able to make that final step. He was so close, he knew it, but he just couldn’t seem to do it. Frustration knotted into this stomach. He had to find a way. There was no other choice. Harry had taken away any options he may have had with that punch to the mouth.

When he had returned to his room to wash up before dinner he found his owl perched on the window sill patiently waiting for him. He had another letter from his mother, much the same as the last. Although this time she had added a hint that a certain someone was growing impatient with him. Draco’s blood ran cold at the thought of his mother possibly suffering at the hands of the Dark Lord because he was dissatisfied with Draco’s progress. He paced the room, subconsciously running his fingers through his hair, biting his lip.

His appetite vanished and he couldn’t stand the thought of having to sit through a meal. He thought about staying in his dorm, but there was always a chance someone would notice he was there and ask what was wrong. His nerves were on the brink and he knew he couldn’t handle being around people at the moment.

This brought him to where he was now, staring at himself in the mirror of the girls’ bathroom. He turned on the sink and splashed cold water on his face. Harry hated him, the Dark Lord was breathing down his mother’s neck to get Draco to hurry up, and he couldn’t fix that fucking cabinet! If he didn’t fix it then he and his parents would die. If he did fix it he would have to kill Dumbledore and would possibly be setting the Death Eaters after Harry. The weight of everything came crashing down on him in that moment and he couldn’t hold back any longer.

The tears sprang to his eyes and spilled over his eyelids no matter how hard he tried to keep them back. The ghost was at his side in an instant, murmuring soothing words that he didn’t even hear. All he could think about was how the fate of three people he loved, four if he included himself, were in his hands and he was failing miserably.

“I can’t do it,” Draco said, his whole body trembling with the effort to not break down completely. “I can’t... it won’t work... and unless I do it soon... he’ll kill me... my mum...”

All of Draco’s emotions came crashing to the surface, spilling over and through him until he thought he might go insane from the intensity of it all, each emotion cresting before shifting into another.

Misery over losing Harry.

Terror at having to murder Dumbledore and allow Death Eaters into the school.

Panic at the thought of he and his parents being tortured and killed by You-Know-Who and his lunatic followers.

Rage. Rage at his father for ever getting involved with that psycho in the first place. Rage at Harry for being so easily convinced that Draco was using him. Rage at himself for losing control.

He shuddered and gulped for air, bringing his head up to look at his reflection in the mirror, and saw Harry’s shocked face looking at him from just inside the door.

Draco whirled around to face him. Of all people, Harry was the one to witness Draco’s breakdown. Harry’s face morphed from shock to concern. That thought pushed Draco past the point of rational thought.

Draco grabbed for his wand and threw a hex at Harry without even thinking. How dare he be the one to find Draco like this? How dare he look almost concerned, as if he actually cared about Draco.

Draco blocked Harry’s hex and threw another. He could hear the destruction they were causing, could hear the water flowing from the broken pipes, but he didn’t care. Fury raged through his body almost painfully, and he wanted Harry to hurt too. He wanted Harry to feel the pain and the terror he was feeling, that he felt every day.

Draco pointed his wand at Harry and yelled, “Cru-,“ just as he heard Harry yell a spell of his own.

Pain sliced through Draco’s body as he stumbled backward and fell to the floor. His vision was clouded from the blood that he knew was his own. His breathing was ragged as he faded in and out of consciousness, hearing footsteps and voices, but not really knowing who they belonged to.

Is this how it’s going to end? Here on the floor of the girls’ bathroom? Draco thought fleetingly before recognizing the voice of his Head of House. He opened his eyes and, through the haze of blood and water, saw Snape bending over him, wand tracing patterns over his chest. Behind Snape was Harry, looking horrified at what he had done.

Draco’s eyes locked with Harry’s for a moment before Draco lost consciousness.


Draco was released from the hospital wing a few days later. He was told he would have some scarring, but all things considered he was going to be fine.

Fine. Draco thought icily. I don’t think so.

He had spent a lot of time thinking the past few days. There wasn’t much else to do in the hospital wing. He kept thinking about the look on Harry’s face right before he passed out. The look in his eyes. As much as Draco wanted to hate Harry for what he had done, he couldn’t. He couldn’t because he was sure Harry hadn’t meant to hurt him that badly. No sanctimonious Gryffindor would ever knowingly cast a curse like that.

And what right did Draco have to be angry at Harry when he was about to cast the Cruciatus Curse? Draco’s stomach clenched at that thought. He couldn’t believe he almost did that. What was he thinking? Clearly he hadn’t been thinking, too caught up in his swirling emotions at the time. If Harry hadn’t stopped Draco, who knows what he might have done while in that frame of mind.

Draco knew he had to get back to work on the cabinet. Besides thinking about Harry, he had also spent a lot of time thinking about his situation and he had come to the conclusion that he had to just do it. He didn’t want to, but he had no choice and that was that. His breakdown in the bathroom only made things worse. He was a Slytherin and it was time he started acting like one.

He had been sitting in the chair next to the fireplace when he heard the owl tapping on the window. His heart clenched as he pictured another message from his mother. He was relieved to see an owl he didn’t recognize fly into the room. The letter was for him, however, so he took it and rubbed the owl behind the ears before it flew away.

Not recognizing the handwriting on the envelope, he opened it with great curiosity. He had to stop himself from gaping when he saw who the letter was from.


I am so, so sorry for what happened in the bathroom. I never meant to hurt you, you have to believe me. I wanted to tell you this in person, but I was afraid you wouldn’t want to see me. I’m sorry for what I said about you before too. I would really like to talk to you and apologize face to face, if you’ll let me. I’ll wait for you tonight after curfew. You know where.


Draco was glad he was alone because he was unable to stop the look of surprise that crossed his face. Harry wanted to see him. Harry wanted to see him. Harry wanted to see him.

Draco was unsure how he felt about this new development. Part of him was eager to see Harry again, to look into those eyes and not see hatred or sadness. Part of him was annoyed that Harry was under the impression a simple apology would make things better. Part of him thought it would be better to ignore the letter and just focus on his task. Part of him wanted to snog Harry senseless. How many parts did he have, anyway?

Draco shook his head and headed out of the room. Maybe some good flying time would help him figure out what to do.


After a few hours Draco returned windblown and a bit chilly. He loved to fly and it was always a great stress reliever for him. It hadn’t let him down this time either, because he had made a decision. He would meet with Harry and listen to what he had to say. He would not make it easy for the Gryffindor by any means. He would make him earn every ounce of Draco’s forgiveness, if he decided to forgive him that is. And absolutely no snogging.

Draco wasn’t particularly pleased with this last stipulation, but he thought it was for the best. It was obvious that this “thing” he had with Harry would never be allowed to mount to anything, so why torture himself? And Harry? He would have to make it clear to Harry that he would forgive him (maybe) but that things could never go back to the way they were. That was one stressor Draco didn’t need back again.

With a heavy heart Draco entered the Great Hall for dinner. He was welcomed back by a few Slytherins he hadn’t seen since leaving the hospital wing. Other than that no one had anything to say to him. Draco suppressed a sigh and began picking at his food.

He knew the minute Harry walked into the Great Hall. He didn’t see him, he felt him. He could feel those emerald green eyes boring into him from across the room. He lifted his head to take a drink and stole a furtive glance at the Gryffindor table. Sure enough, Harry sat directly across from him on the opposite side of the dining hall. When Harry saw Draco’s head come up he quickly lowered his gaze to his own plate.

Draco wanted to feel smug at Harry’s obvious discomfort, but he just couldn’t make himself feel it. He could imagine how nervous Harry must be about apologizing and not knowing if Draco was going to show up or not. He actually felt badly for him, and wished it was time to meet already so they could just get this over with. The anticipation was clearly getting to both of them.

After the longest few hours of Draco’s life, it was finally time to meet Harry. He easily slipped out of the dungeons and made his way to the classroom. To Harry.


As Draco approached the classroom his stomach felt like it was doing somersaults and his heart was racing. He kept trying to tell himself there was no reason for him to be nervous, but he couldn’t quite make himself believe it.

He entered the room to find it exactly the way they had left it the night of their fight. Harry wasn’t there yet which gave Draco time to pull himself together. He walked around the room, letting the memories of Harry flow unencumbered. Harry so incredibly sad sitting at the table. Harry leaning against the wall looking so vulnerable. Pushing Harry against the wall and snogging him senseless. Lying on top of Harry, watching him lick his unmarked forearm. Sitting with Harry’s head in his lap, listening to him talk about his childhood.

This was not helping. He rubbed his eyes as if to erase those memories from his vision just as the door opened and Harry walked in.

Harry stopped short when he saw Draco was already there. He closed the door behind him, cast the locking and silencing spells and turned to face Draco.

Both boys just stood there looking at each other, neither one knowing exactly what to say. The awkward silence stretched on until Draco saw the familiar blush begin to creep into Harry’s cheeks. His stomach clenched at the sight that always used to make him smile and he knew he needed to get this going.

“I believe you had something to say to me,” Draco began, hoping his voice came across as neutral and not needy.

“I –, “ Harry’s voice broke and he cleared his throat before continuing. “I’m sorry, Draco. I am so incredibly sorry. I had no idea what that spell did or I never would have used it. You have to believe me...”

“I don’t have to do anything, Potter,” Draco interrupted, purposefully using Harry’s surname as Harry had during their last fight. He saw Harry wince and knew he had hit his mark.

“You’re right, you don’t. But I had to tell you that I never meant to hurt you. You were throwing hexes at me and I just reacted with the first thing that came to mind. But it was horrible and I’m really sorry.” Harry paused and looked down at the floor.

Draco had a plethora of vitriolic remarks he could have made at that point. He had planned on making this difficult on the Gryffindor, after all. But looking at Harry right now, seeing how defeated he looked, he couldn’t do it.

“I know,” was all he said. No sarcasm, no hatred, just those two simple words spoken honestly.

Harry’s eyes whipped up to meet Draco’s, wide with surprise. “You know?”

“I know,” Draco repeated, his heart skipping a beat as his eyes locked with Harry’s. “I know you didn’t mean to hurt me that badly. There’s no way you, of all people, would purposefully use a curse of that kind.”

Harry breathed a sigh of relief and almost grinned, but quickly became grim again. “So, are you okay?” he asked awkwardly.

“Yes,” was all Draco said.

“Well, er, that’s good,” Harry stammered, “I’m, uh, glad.”

Draco nodded slightly to acknowledge Harry, but didn’t say anything in return. In all honesty, Draco didn’t know what to say and was just as uncomfortable as Harry, so he chose to remain silent.

“Um, Draco, listen. About what I said to you before. About you hurting Katie and Ron.” Harry’s face flushed and Draco had to tamp down his grin. He would not find Harry cute.

With his grin firmly locked away he chose to quirk an eyebrow at Harry’s statement instead. He still remained silent so Harry trudged on.

“Yeah, um, well, I’m really sorry about that too, Draco. I never should have accused you of using my friends that way. Or, er, or me. I’ve thought about it a lot since then, and it’s obvious that Katie and Ron weren’t the intended victims.”

If you only knew who was, Draco thought to himself.

“Once I calmed down I realized that what I said about you using me was way off base,” Harry continued. “If you had wanted to just, erm, get off you wouldn’t have kept coming back, would you? I mean, you could’ve just buggered me and told the whole school about it. But you never rushed me or forced me to do anything, and you never told a soul. I should have realized that meant you, er, liked it too.”

Harry blushed furiously at this last statement and it took every ounce of strength Draco had not to smile. This was not going to be easy. Draco crossed his arms over his chest and tried to keep his neutral expression in place.

“So, uh, are you going to say anything?” Harry asked hesitantly.

“What would you like me to say, Harry?” Draco replied coolly.

“Anything! Say you forgive me. Say you hate me. Just say something!” Harry ran his fingers through his hair which caused it to stand up in the strangest angles. Draco caught his grin just in time and turned it into a smirk.

“Anything?” he repeated in a much huskier voice. Where the hell did that come from?

Harry met Draco’s gaze. “Anything. Please. I can’t stand not knowing what you’re thinking.”

Draco contemplated what to do next. He could continue stringing Harry along and be a prick, or he could come clean and get everything out in the open. This would probably be the last time he was alone with Harry, so why not lay it all out on the line?

Draco uncrossed his arms and slumped his shoulders just the slightest bit. “I don’t hate you, Harry. I tried to, believe me, but I don’t. I know you didn’t mean to hurt me with that curse. Hell, I was trying to curse you too. That I can forgive easily.”

Draco walked over to the window and gazed out at the darkness. This would be much easier to say if he weren’t looking at Harry. “What you said about me using you? That hurt me more than any curse could.”

Draco had so many more things to say. He wanted Harry to know that he truly enjoyed the time they had spent together and that he didn’t ever want to see Harry hurt like that again. He wanted to tell him that he would forgive him, but they still couldn’t be together anymore. But before he could say any of those things, he felt Harry behind him.

Harry placed his hand on Draco’s shoulder and whispered softly into his ear, “I know, Draco. I’m so sorry,” and placed a gentle kiss on his cheek.

Draco looked over his shoulder to see those impossibly green eyes shiny with unshed tears. His resolve to stay away from Harry shattered into a thousand pieces.

Draco turned so he and Harry were face to face, hands on each others’ hips. Both boys leaned in to the kiss. Draco kept his eyes open long enough to watch Harry’s fall shut and his mouth open slightly.

So sweet, Draco thought before claiming those lips once again.

Even though it had been a while since they had been together, the kiss was not demanding or needy. It was soft and gentle, as if Harry was attempting to show Draco how sorry he truly was through his lips and tongue. Draco gladly accepted.

So much for the ‘no snogging’ Draco chuckled inwardly as he deepened the kiss. One arm slipped further around Harry’s waist while the other moved up to tangle itself into the messy black hair.

Harry moaned slightly at the feel of Draco’s hands and pressed himself closer to Draco, both arms wrapping around Draco’s waist to hold him tightly.

The kiss finally reached its conclusion, but instead of separating, Harry pulled Draco into an embrace which surprised the blond. They didn’t often embrace this way, but Draco had to admit it felt nice.

Harry whispered in Draco’s ear, “I’m so glad you’re okay. If anything had happened to you I don’t know – I don’t – “

“It’s okay Harry,” Draco whispered back, “its okay. I’m fine.” Draco rubbed his hands up and down Harry’s back.

Harry pulled back enough so that he could look at Draco. “No, you’re not, Draco. You’re not fine. You were crying in that bathroom before, er, when I first walked in. Why? What had you so upset?”

Draco tensed and pulled completely out of the embrace. He was afraid they would finally get around to this. He walked over to the sofa and sat with his elbows on his knees. He let his head drop so he was looking at the floor.

“I can’t tell you.” Harry started to say something, but Draco interrupted. “I’m sorry, Harry, but I can’t. But you have to know that I never meant to hurt anybody. I don’t want to hurt anybody. I just...”

Draco trailed away. He couldn’t say anything else unless he was ready to join Harry’s side, and he couldn’t do that to his mother. So he said nothing.

Harry joined him on the sofa. “I believe you,” he said softly, placing his hand on top of Draco’s arm.

Draco looked up into those eyes that once again. “Thank you.”

“Just remember, my offer still stands. Both of them,” Harry said, rubbing his thumb lightly over Draco’s forearm.



They spent the rest of their time in the room alternating between snogging and talking. Finally around 2:30am they decided they had better get back to their respective dorms and get some sleep. They lingered over their goodbyes, and Draco finally crawled into bed around 3:00.

He laid in the dark for a few minutes replaying the events of the evening. It hadn’t gone exactly as he had planned, okay it hadn’t gone at all as he had planned, but he was still pleased with the outcome. He had Harry back again, and no matter how much his brain told him it was a bad idea, his heart refused to listen. He fell asleep to the vision of Harry’s eyes fluttering closed in anticipation of his kiss.

So sweet.


The next few weeks flew by in a blur. Classes, secret rendezvous with Harry and the cabinet had Draco’s every moment accounted for.

Oh yes, he was still working on the cabinet. He was trying a new approach these days. He split his life into two separate parts, school and Harry comprised one part while his task comprised the other. He kept those two parts as far away from each other as he could and so far it was keeping things tolerable. If he really let himself think too deeply he knew it was only a matter of time before both worlds collided, but he was going to ride it for all it was worth until that time.

And then, it happened.

He fixed the cabinet. He ran test after test and they all worked. He’d done it. He smirked for a brief moment and promptly vomited on the floor.


Knowing the time would come someday was bad enough, but knowing it was here NOW was almost unbearable. No more excuses, no more stalling, no more distractions. The cabinet was fixed and it was time to put the plan into action.

Draco wrote a letter to his mother telling her the first part of his task was complete and sent it off first thing in the morning. He spent the rest of the day locked in his room. He didn’t care if the other boys needed to get in the room, they would have to deal with it. If ever there was a time he could not be around other people, it was now.

It was just after dinnertime when Draco received a response. He didn’t recognize the writing on the envelope, and opened it with an ever deepening sense of dread. It was short and to the point.



Thursday. 2 days. That’s how much time he had left before his life as he knew it ended. 2 days.

Draco’s heart thumped wildly in his chest as his mind swam with disjointed fragments of thoughts. His mother would be safe... Dumbledore was going to die... He had 2 days to spend with Harry... Harry might be in danger... Draco was going to become a murderer...

It was this last thought that sent him spiraling over the edge into full blown panic. He began pacing the floor, struggling to breathe, running his fingers through his hair just to give his hands something to do. How did he ever think he could be a Death Eater? How could he ever think he could do something as vile as kill another human being?

He sat on his bed and stared up into the evening’s darkening sky. Tomorrow he would get in touch with Harry and set up a meeting time. He needed to see Harry, touch him, feel him. Harry always made him happy, always made him feel better. Draco doubted he could feel happy right now, but he could at least take some comfort from Harry, even if Harry didn’t realize he was giving it.

Draco knew that was a terribly selfish way of thinking. It is what it is, he thought miserably.

Realizing it was almost curfew, Draco unlocked the door to the dormitory. He still didn’t really want to be around the other Slytherins, but since he had no idea what might happen to him after Thursday he felt the need to see his friends. Listen to their inane banter, their laughing, even Goyle’s snoring.

One by one Draco’s dorm mates came in to get ready for bed. No one spoke to Draco other than to say good night, having understood that something was not right.

Draco listened as the breathing around the room fell into the rhythmic sound of slumber. He tried to clear his mind so he could get some rest, but his Occlumency skills were failing him at the moment. He changed tactics and tried filling his mind with pleasant thoughts, mostly of Harry.

It was a long time before Draco fell into an uneasy sleep.


Draco arose early, despite not sleeping well. As soon as his mind shook off the fogginess of sleep, his brain was wide awake and ready to panic. He forced himself to stay as calm as possible while attending to his morning routine.

He knew he needed to eat, but he wanted to send an owl to Harry right away. He wanted to make sure they set up a time to get together later in the day.

After sending his letter to Harry he made his way to breakfast, gearing up for what he knew was going to be a very long day.


Draco was certainly right about it being a long day. Classes were almost unbearable, as were his classmates. He just couldn’t stand being around anyone right now, anyone except Harry. Harry was the only person he wanted to see at the moment.

He had received an answer from Harry immediately after breakfast saying they could meet in the classroom right after dinner. Apparently, all of his friends had study sessions of some type and Harry was going to make an excuse to miss his.

A bundle of nerves, Draco sat on the sofa waiting for Harry.

Finally Harry appeared. Draco looked up to see Harry shoot him a big smile as he cast the privacy wards. He couldn’t help but smile back.

Harry came to sit next to him on the sofa, brushing Draco’s cheek with his lips. “Hey.”

“Hey,” Draco replied, staring into Harry’s eyes.

Harry’s smile faltered a little, recognizing that something was not right with his Slytherin. “What’s the matter? Are you okay?”

“Yes, I’m fine. I just wanted to see you,” Draco half lied.

“Are you sure?” Harry pressed, furrowing his eyebrows.

“Yes, Harry, I’m sure. Now kiss me damn it,” Draco tried to smirk, but it was a half-hearted attempt at best.

It was obvious Harry didn’t believe him, but he chose to ignore it and do as the blond asked. He leaned forward and Draco met him half way. Harry’s hand cupped the back of Draco’s neck as he kissed him gently on the lips. Both mouths parted to allow their tongues to intertwine with each others.

Draco felt his tension lift slightly as the kiss lingered. This was what he needed.

When they finally parted, Harry looked at Draco thoughtfully. He rubbed the back of Draco’s neck affectionately and said, “Something’s wrong, Draco, I can tell, but I won’t push. I know what it’s like when people push you to talk about things you’re not ready to talk about.”

It took all of Draco’s strength not to either blurt out everything or start crying again. He took a deep breath, “Harry, I –“

Draco stopped. He didn’t want to talk. He wanted to feel. He wanted to feel something other than fear and panic.

He closed the distance between Harry and himself and brought their lips together a bit more forcefully than they had before. Draco’s hand wound into the messy black hair and he grasped it, as if he were holding on for dear life.

He leaned in and used the weight of his body to drive Harry down onto his back, lips and tongue never losing contact. Harry’s hands immediately went around Draco’s waist, pulling him even closer.

Draco frantically lifted Harry’s shirt to rub his hand along Harry’s firm abdomen, desperate for more contact. Harry pulled away from the kiss to remove the garment completely. Draco took advantage of this and lowered himself to kiss, lick and nip his way across Harry’s entire torso. He wanted to touch every inch of Harry’s body. Who knew when he would see him again? Who knew if Harry would ever want to see him again after tomorrow night?

That thought was thankfully pushed out of Draco’s mind, for at that moment Harry’s back arched off the sofa as Draco hit a particularly sensitive spot. “Mmmm, feels good,” Harry murmured.

Draco sank his teeth into Harry’s skin, eliciting another moan from the other boy. Harry didn’t talk often during their encounters, but when he did it drove Draco wild. He pressed his own erection into Harry’s leg as he palmed Harry’s cock through his jeans.

Harry pushed into Draco’s touch with a moan. Draco fumbled with the button before getting it open, finally reaching in to release Harry from the confines of his jeans.

Draco stroked him a few times before bringing his face level with the tip of Harry’s shaft. He waited for Harry to open those beautiful eyes of his and look down at him before swiping his tongue across the head. He held Harry’s gaze as he licked from tip to base and back again, swirling his tongue around the head before fully engulfing the engorged member.

Harry closed his eyes and hissed in pleasure, thrusting lightly into Draco’s mouth. Draco grasped the base of Harry’s cock and began working his mouth and tongue in ways he knew Harry liked. He brought his other hand up to fondle Harry’s sac, eliciting another moan from the boy spread out before him.

Draco tried to burn this memory into his mind. He never wanted to forget the feel of Harry’s cock sliding in and out of his mouth. Never wanted to forget the delicious sounds Harry made as he gave up control of his body to Draco.

Draco continued his ministrations until he could feel Harry’s impending orgasm. Wanting to take things further than ever, he stopped and raised himself to a sitting position.

Harry whimpered at the loss of contact and opened his eyes to look at Draco. Harry watched with lust burning his in eyes as Draco stood up and slowly undressed, uncharacteristically leaving his clothes in a pile on the floor. Harry hurriedly removed the rest of his clothing.

When Draco was completely naked he practically pounced onto Harry, chest to chest, groin to groin, and couldn’t help the moan that escaped his lips. Harry felt so good underneath him, writhing and breathing heavily. How could he let this go?

He pushed that thought firmly out of his mind and brought their lips together once more, tongues dueling for dominance. Harry reached down between them to stroke Draco’s cock, Draco thrusting himself into Harry’s hand. He enjoyed the sensation for a moment, but he wanted more. So much more.

Draco sat up suddenly and reached down to retrieve his wand from the floor. Without warning the sofa was transfigured into a large bed with an emerald green duvet.

Harry yelped with surprise. Draco looked at him a bit nervously. “Is this okay?”

Harry looked at the bed and back to Draco. Draco could see something shift slightly in Harry’s eyes before he responded, “Yeah. Yeah, this is okay.”

Draco smiled in relief and lay down next to Harry, propping himself up on his elbow. They locked gazes for a moment, both feeling the change in the air around them. It was one thing to snog on a couch, it was quite another to be lying naked in a bed together.

Hands began roaming freely up and down each other’s bodies, unencumbered by the restrictive sofa. Mouths, tongues and limbs entwined into a jumbled mass.

Draco slid on top of Harry, both boys moaning as their cocks rubbed against each other. Placing his hands on either side of Harry’s head, Draco supported his weight on his arms so he could look down at Harry.

Their eyes met once more, Draco trying to memorize the exact shade of green. He reached to brush a lock of hair that had fallen into Harry’s eye, but Harry took hold of Draco’s hand and kissed his palm. Draco felt his heart leap into his throat. He didn’t know why that simple gesture seemed to affect him so much, it just seemed so intimate. So loving.

Draco felt a lump form in his throat and had to swallow a few times to make it to go away. He leaned down and gently kissed Harry’s eyelids, the tip of his nose, and finally his mouth. Harry’s tongue came out to meet Draco’s and they kissed, but it wasn’t the desperate, needy kisses from just a moment ago. It was something deeper. Something more.

Harry’s arms wrapped around Draco’s back and he pulled him even closer. Draco rested his weight on his left arm and slowly slid his right hand down to grip Harry’s cock. He tugged a few times before moving down even further.

Harry groaned into Draco’s mouth as Draco’s finger rubbed against his entrance. Draco quickly brought his finger to his mouth to coat it in saliva before returning to Harry, pushing the digit in to the first knuckle.

Harry bucked his hips seeking friction on his aching cock. “More, Draco, please,” Harry begged, almost undoing the blond completely.

Growling low in his throat, Draco pushed his finger the rest of the way in. Gods, he wanted Harry so badly. He knew he probably shouldn’t go any farther, knew it would probably make it hurt worse after the fact, but he was too far gone. There was no turning back now.

Draco slowly pumped his finger in and out of Harry, silently cursing himself for not bringing any lube. Almost as if Harry read his mind, he sat up without warning and wriggled himself to the edge of the bed. He reached down to retrieve his wand and muttered a spell Draco had never heard before. Suddenly Draco felt his finger sliding much easier.

Surprised, Draco looked at Harry who was blushing profusely. “Lubrication spell,” Harry muttered, “I thought it might come in handy.”

“I think you’re right,” Draco chuckled, realizing that this meant Harry had thought about this too. He wanted this just as much as Draco did, which made Draco feel elated and sorrowful all at once.

Harry pulled Draco with him, mouth to mouth, as he lay back once more. Draco continued working his finger in and out of Harry’s body as Harry writhed in pleasure. Draco slowly added a second finger but paused when Harry tensed and sucked in his breath.

“Are you okay?” Draco whispered into Harry’s mouth.

“Yeah, it’s just – different. But good,” Harry proved his point by pushing back against Draco’s hand.

Draco moaned and shifted so his cock was pressed against Harry’s thigh. He wasn’t sure how much more of this he could take.

It was probably too soon, but Draco added a third finger and began pumping them, searching for Harry’s prostate. He desperately wanted to be inside Harry, but he wanted to make sure he didn’t hurt him. He wanted Harry to enjoy this just as much as he was.

Draco knew when he found the spot because Harry cried out, back arching off the bed. Draco smirked in triumph.

Draco finally broke their never ending kiss and rested his head in the crook of Harry’s neck, mouth resting right next to Harry’s ear. He swiped his tongue against the skin just below Harry’s ear before whispering, “Gods, Harry, I want you. I want you so much. I – “

“Yes, Draco, yes. Please. Now,” Harry interrupted, panting and moving his hips in time to Draco’s fingers.

He withdrew his fingers and raised himself on top of Harry once more. He positioned himself at Harry’s entrance and, with green eyes piercing almost into his soul, slowly entered Harry’s body.

Draco didn’t have to force himself to capture this moment; he knew he would never forget it.

He pushed about halfway in and stopped. He knew Harry would need time to adjust, plus Draco needed a moment to calm himself or this would be over much too soon.

After a moment, Harry moved his hips which Draco took as a sign to continue. He pressed himself fully into Harry and stopped again. Damn, this was not going to take long at all.

Draco began the slow in and out motion, both boys finding a rhythm with each other. Draco shifted slightly and pushed in farther, grinning when Harry arched his back again. Bingo.

Draco began thrusting into Harry faster, aiming for his prostate every time. Harry was moaning and writhing beneath him. Watching Harry fall apart before him amazing. Beautiful. And fucking hot.

Draco felt the burn low in his belly and knew his orgasm was approaching. He began an almost frantic pace, grunting with each thrust. He shifted his weight to one hand and grasped Harry’s cock with the other.

“Gods, Draco, YES!” Harry screamed. Harry’s release spilled over Draco’s hand and onto Harry’s abdomen, his muscles clenching around Draco sending his own orgasm ripping through his body. He thrust one last time, emptying himself into Harry.

Draco dropped on top of Harry, catching his breath. Harry’s hands were on Draco’s back, tracing his fingers lightly across Draco’s skin. The sensation made Draco shiver.

Draco rolled to the side, feeling himself slip out of Harry. He grabbed his wand and did a quick cleaning spell over them before returning to Harry’s side.

Harry snuggled up against Draco, his back to Draco’s belly. Draco draped his arm over his waist and Harry clasped his hand in his own.

“That was bloody fantastic,” Harry murmured, still basking in the afterglow.

“Of course it was. Did you expect anything less?” Draco was amazed he could still be snarky under the circumstances. Harry always brought out the best in him.

Harry elbowed him lightly in the ribs. “Git.”

Draco laughed and pulled Harry closer. If he could just stay here, everything would be fine. If only...

“Draco – “Harry began, but Draco stopped him.

“Don’t Harry. Don’t say anything. Let’s just enjoy this, okay?” He tightened his grip on Harry, kissing the back of his head.

Harry rubbed his thumb over Draco’s in a soothing fashion. “Okay.”

Draco closed his eyes and tried to focus on the here and now, and not what was to come. With a whisper he wasn’t even sure Harry could hear, he said, “Thank you.”


Draco was surprised to wake up hours later, realizing he had slept better those few hours with Harry than he had in a long time. They had shifted while they slept, Draco now on his back with Harry’s arm swung over his chest.

Draco remained still, content to feel the warmth emanating off of Harry’s body and listening to the sound of his breathing. He knew they should return to their common rooms before they were missed, but he was not eager to lose Harry’s company for what could be the last time.

A deep breath, exhaled over Draco’s chest which caused his skin to break out in gooseflesh, signaled Harry’s wakefulness. Draco couldn’t help but grin as Harry rubbed his eyes, looking like a little boy.

“’Timeissit?” Harry mumbled, still half asleep.

“Not sure, but it’s late.”

Harry sighed and snuggled into Draco’s side. “Don’t wanna go.”

Draco chuckled, “Are you always such a baby when you wake up?”

“Yes,” Harry replied, his voice muffled between the bed and Draco’s body.

Draco laughed again, reaching down to rub circles on Harry’s back.

“Mmmm ... that feels nice,” Harry murmured, pressing his body flush against Draco’s.

Draco could feel Harry’s burgeoning erection on his thigh and smirked. “I guess it does feel nice,” he teased, pushing his thigh lightly against Harry’s cock.

Harry looked up at Draco with that grin Draco hoped he would never forget and grabbed at the blond’s own semi-hard cock. “It looks like someone else is feeling pretty nice too.”

Draco snickered, “Touché,”

Harry’s grin turned wicked as he slid over to position himself between Draco’s legs. Draco watched as Harry licked the length of his shaft, swirling his tongue around the tip. He took just the head inside his mouth, making Draco hiss. He teased Draco with his tongue before sliding just a little further down his length. Draco bucked his hips, attempting to force more of his cock into Harry’s mouth, but Harry held his hips down.

“Don’t rush me,” Harry said, mouth never leaving Draco. Draco moaned in pleasure and frustration.

Little by little, Harry worked his way down Draco’s cock, doing devastating things along the way. Draco was practically whimpering, begging Harry to go faster, harder. When Harry had Draco fully engulfed in his mouth, he pushed Draco in just a little bit farther trying hard to suppress his gag reflex.

“Fuck!” Draco yelled. His hand flew to Harry’s head, fingers tangling into the messier-than-usual hair. He held Harry’s head still as he pumped himself into Harry’s mouth, being careful not to hurt his Gryffindor.

Draco felt Harry swipe a finger over his entrance and Draco came undone. His entire body went rigid as his orgasm overtook him. He thrust into Harry’s mouth twice more, feeling Harry throat constrict as he swallowed his spunk. He shivered at the sensation.

Draco felt Harry crawl on top of him, his erection pressing into Draco’s belly. Draco tasted himself on Harry’s tongue as they kissed, which he found oddly arousing.

Draco wrapped his arms around Harry’s muscular back, pulling him even closer. It was almost as if he was trying to pull Harry into himself.

Harry broke the kiss and began licking and nipping at Draco’s neck, working his way to Draco’s ear.

“Gods, Draco,” Harry murmured, “You feel so good.”

Draco growled low in his throat and grabbed a fistful of Harry’s hair. Even though little time had passed since his orgasm, he could already feel the familiar stirrings low in his belly. It wouldn’t be long before he was ready again.

With his other hand, Draco reached between them to grasp Harry’s cock. Harry moaned breathily directly into Draco’s ear, and Draco felt his own cock twitch in response.

Being sixteen is fantastic, Draco thought to himself.

Harry took his time kissing and licking the expanse of Draco’s torso, while Draco continued to stroke Harry’s shaft. Harry’s hand trailed over Draco’s abdomen, dipping between his legs. Draco gasped as Harry’s finger lightly brushed over Draco’s entrance.

Grey eyes snapped open to see Harry staring at him with an intensity he had never seen before.

“Okay?” Harry whispered.

Draco nodded, too overcome with emotion to speak. This was farther than he had gone with anyone else before, he had never felt comfortable enough with the few others to let them do this. But he trusted Harry, and he wanted this. He wanted Harry to be his first, just as he was Harry’s.

Harry quickly reached for his wand and Draco felt a cool, slippery sensation which, surprisingly, wasn’t unpleasant. Harry’s finger returned to Draco’s arse and he teased him with just the slightest pressure.

Draco moaned and rolled his hips, digging his fingers into Harry’s back. Harry leaned down to kiss him, thrusting his tongue into Draco’s mouth just as he pushed his finger into him.

Harry continued to mimic the movement of his finger with his tongue, Draco’s hips moving to the same beat. They were perfectly in sync.

Draco managed to utter, “More,” into Harry’s mouth, and he gasped as Harry added a second finger.

“Are you okay?” Harry asked, pulling back to look down at Draco.

“Yes. Yes, please, Harry, more,” Draco heard himself beg, but didn’t care in the least. Nothing was going to ruin this moment with Harry.

Harry pumped two fingers into Draco a few times before adding a third. Draco’s breath hitched slightly at the stretching sensation, but after a few seconds pleasure overtook the pain.

Harry removed his fingers and settled himself between Draco’s legs. He positioned himself at Draco’s entrance, but instead of pushing himself in, he stayed right where he was. He leaned over and kissed Draco sweetly on the lips.

Their gazes locked as Harry slowly slipped past Draco’s ring of muscle. Draco hissed and bit his lower lip at the intrusion, quickly grasping Harry’s backside to keep it in place, as the other boy made to pull out.

“No, it’s good Harry. Please. Don’t stop,” Draco encouraged him.

Harry pressed the rest of the way in, continuing to hold Draco’s gaze until he was fully sheathed. He closed his eyes then, releasing the breath he had been holding. Draco took a moment to try to relax his muscles and waited for the pain to subside.

Draco wasn’t sure if Harry would move on his own, so he rolled his hips into Harry as a sign that he was ready. Harry groaned and dropped his forehead to rest on Draco’s.

“This will be over in about 5 seconds if you keep doing that,” Harry breathed.

Draco smirked and rolled his hips again, causing Harry to groan even louder.

Harry lifted his head and found Draco’s mouth. He began to slowly thrust in and out of Draco, once again mimicking his actions with his tongue. Draco’s moan matched Harry’s as their bodies fell into rhythm once more.

Perfect, Draco thought.

Draco brought his arms up to wrap around Harry’s back, his fingers digging into Harry’s shoulder blades. Harry pulled back from the kiss, turned his head to the right, and gently kissed Draco’s left forearm.

Draco’s heart clenched and he felt his eyes burn, tears dangerously close to the surface. He shut them tightly and tried to swallow the enormous lump in his throat. Most likely that arm would be marked after tomorrow. He knew he had little hope of avoiding it. He just hoped Harry could forgive him someday.

Draco touched Harry’s cheek with his left hand and brought his mouth back to his. He didn’t dare open his eyes, but he kissed Harry with an almost desperate intensity. He had to make Harry understand how much he cared for him. It was so important that he know this was real, no matter what happened.

Draco broke the kiss and pulled Harry’s head down so his mouth was next to Harry’s ear. “I love you,” he whispered.

Harry stilled. He raised his head to look at Draco, eyes wide and mouth slightly open in shock.

“Did – did you just say you love me?” Harry whispered back.

Draco paused for a moment and then nodded, not trusting himself to speak.

Harry stared another moment before softly stroking his hand over Draco’s cheek. “I love you too, Draco.”

Draco released the breath he hadn’t realized he was holding, mashed his mouth against Harry’s and rolled his hips to remind Harry of their activities.

Harry resumed his thrusts, but they were becoming erratic. He grasped Draco’s cock and began pumping it in time to his thrusts.

The stimulation proved too much for Draco, and he cried out as his second orgasm since waking swept over him. He felt his muscles tighten around Harry and relished the sound of his Gryffindor shouting his own release.

Bodies trembled and spasmed as they rode out their orgasms together. Harry collapsed on top of Draco as they both waited for their breathing to return to normal.

Harry sighed contentedly and rolled off of Draco, spooning up behind him. “We don’t have to go just yet, do we?” Harry asked, the little boy returning.

“I suppose not,” Draco answered, wanting to put off leaving Harry for as long as possible.

“Good,” Harry rubbed Draco’s belly with his thumb, “Because I don’t want to go.”

“And you always get what you want, don’t you Potter?” Draco teased.

Harry laughed, “I wish.” He placed a kiss on the back of Draco’s neck.

Draco laid there listening as Harry fell asleep. He didn’t think he would be falling asleep this time. He knew the time he would have to leave Harry was fast approaching, and he wasn’t going to waste it by sleeping.

Draco turned himself around so he was facing Harry and watched his Gryffindor sleep.

Sweet dreams, Draco thought to himself.


Harry didn’t sleep very long this time, and woke to find Draco watching him.

“What? Do I have something on my face?” Harry wiped at his cheek.

Draco laughed, “No, stupid. I was just – ,“ Draco stopped, embarrassed to have been caught.

“Watching me sleep?” Harry supplied.

“Yes,” Draco said a bit defensively. “Do you have a problem with that?”

This time Harry laughed, “Nope, not at all,” and he grabbed the back of Draco’s neck and pulled him in for a kiss.

After a moment, Harry pulled away and sighed. “I suppose we should be heading back, don’t you think?”

Draco nodded, a lump beginning to form in his throat again.

They dressed in silence, and Draco transfigured the bed back into the table it was originally.

“What about the sofa?” Harry asked, curious.

Draco shrugged. “I can always transfigure it back again. But who needs a sofa when you can have a luxurious bed like that?” Draco tried to smirk, but wasn’t sure he was all that successful.

Harry grinned, “True.”

Harry took down the privacy wards and turned to Draco for a goodbye kiss.

Draco’s heart began to race and he could feel his palms begin to sweat. This was it. He was going to leave Harry and become a murderer. A Death Eater. Draco could hardly breathe.

He kissed Harry hard, desperately, clinging to him for a moment before forcing himself to pull away. Harry’s brows furrowed at the look on Draco’s face.

Draco cupped Harry’s face in his hands. “Harry,” Draco paused to steady his voice before continuing, “Harry, I meant what I said before. I – I love you. No matter what happens, you have to believe that. Please tell me you believe that.”

Harry grabbed onto Draco’s elbows. “Draco, why – what?”

“Just tell me you believe me, Harry. Please.”

“I – of course I believe you. I love you too, Draco. But why – “

Draco kissed Harry, stopping him in mid sentence, knowing that he had to leave now or he never would.

“I have to go, Harry. Please, be careful. I – I’m sorry. I –,“ Draco kissed Harry one last time before turning and fleeing the room.

“Draco, wait!”

Draco could hear Harry calling after him, heard his footsteps approaching. He turned the corner and ducked into an almost hidden alcove behind a suit of armor. He pressed himself as close to the wall as he could, holding his breath.

He heard Harry sprint past his hiding space, waiting a few moments to make sure Harry didn’t double back before exhaling.

Draco slid down the wall until he was seated on the floor. His hands were shaking and his heart was still racing. He had to be sure to stay away from Harry now. Harry wouldn’t rest until he knew what had Draco so spooked, and obviously Draco couldn’t tell him. He would have to stay out of sight until midnight tomorrow.



Draco had waited in the alcove for a bit before cautiously making his way back to the dungeons. He went directly to his room, ignoring the few stragglers that were about in the common room. He climbed into bed and cast a silencing charm and an imperturbable charm for good measure. He did not want to be disturbed.

As he lay in bed, his mind swam between thinking of Harry and visions of what was to happen the next day. It was a long time before he finally fell asleep.


Draco did not attend classes the next day. What good would going to class do when he was about to murder the Headmaster?

He spent his time going back and forth between the common room and his bedroom. His classmates knew him well enough to understand his need for being alone, even if they didn’t know why.

The only one brave enough to approach him was Crabbe, although Goyle was not far behind.

“Hey, Draco,” Crabbe said hesitantly.

“Vince,” Draco nodded.

“Uh, well, we know something’s up with you. But we aren’t going to ask what it’s about,” Crabbe added hurriedly, fearful Draco would get angry if he thought they were prying.

Draco nodded so Crabbe continued, “Greg and I were just wondering if you needed our help with anything. We really haven’t seen much of you lately and we just, well, we just wanted you to know we’d help. If you want,” Crabbe shoved his hands in his pockets, clearly uncomfortable with this exchange.

Draco felt that all too familiar tightening of his chest, willing himself to stay composed. He had been focusing so intently on Harry that he had not thought about the fact that he would be leaving his other friends too. Although it wasn’t quite the same since many of his friends’ parents were Death Eaters, so there was a good chance he would see them again.

Still, it would be different. It wouldn’t be here, where they just students going to class, studying, and playing games. It would be out there. Out there where Merlin knows what could happen.

Draco realized Crabbe was still waiting for a response. He cleared his throat, “Thanks, Vince. I appreciate the offer, but everything’s fine.”

Crabbe relaxed a bit, “Okay, but you’ll let us know if you need us, right?”

Draco couldn’t help but smile at his friend. “Yes, I will.”

Crabbe smiled back, “Good. You coming to dinner?”

“No, thanks, you go ahead. I’ll see you later,” Draco waved them towards the door.

“Okay, later,” Crabbe said as he and Goyle headed out of the room.

Draco sat staring into nothing for a while, his thoughts abuzz once again.

Damn his father for ever getting involved with the bloody overgrown serpent in the first place.

And damn himself for letting things get so far out of control. Although he wasn’t sure what he could have done differently. Perhaps if he had accepted Harry’s offer...

NO! Draco reprimanded himself. There was no sense in rehashing that old argument. What’s done is done and he couldn’t change any of it now. All he could do was move forward and hope for the best. Whatever the best was.


Time crawled at a snail’s pace. Students returned from dinner, did homework and got ready for bed. Draco sat and watched it all.

No one approached him again, but Pansy did shoot him a questioning look as she headed up the stairs to the girls dormitory. On a whim, Draco blew her a kiss and winked.

Pansy’s eyes widened in shock before she smiled and blew a kiss back. Draco imagined the kiss whispering against his cheek as he did when he was a child, a sad smile adorning his face at the memory.

Slowly all of the students made their way to their dorms, which left Draco sitting alone, waiting.

Waiting for midnight.

Waiting for the Death Eaters.

Waiting to leave Harry.

Waiting to become a murderer.

Draco jumped when his wand began vibrating in his pocket. He had cast a spell to let him know when it was almost time to... when it was almost time.

He stood and took one last look around the common room, strangely calm. He supposed he had panicked and worried so much throughout the day that there was nothing left. Only a grim acceptance of what he was about to do.

He grabbed his bag with the items he would need and headed out the door without looking back.


Draco entered the Room of Hidden Things, keeping his newfound sense of calm around him. He did not want to appear as a scared little boy to the Death Eaters. They fed off others’ fear, and he had no desire to be their dessert.

The room must have known he was in a dark mood, for there was barely any light to illuminate his way. He wound his way through the junk in the room to the Vanishing Cabinet. He stood staring at it, waiting until the stroke of midnight to mutter the incantation. His heart began to beat faster and he felt himself tremble slightly as he heard the cabinet begin to work.

The door swung open and the first Death Eater stepped out into the darkness. Something Carrow. Draco was unsure of his name, but he knew he had a sister who was probably waiting to come through next.

“Took you long enough to fix this damn thing,” Carrow mumbled as he stepped aside and closed the door of the cabinet.

Draco ignored him, staring sightless at the cabinet.

The next Death Eater to emerge was, indeed, the sister to the first one. Carrow #2 Draco thought with a hysterical laugh bubbling up inside of him. He mentally shook himself and called up every ounce of strength he had to keep himself together.

The cabinet rattled and shook slightly, Draco hoping it would break and trap the third Death Eater in there forever.

No such luck as a huge blond emerged from the cabinet. Draco had never seen this man before, not like that mattered. You’ve seen one of the Dark Lord’s minions, you’ve seen them all, Draco thought, once again fighting down his encroaching fear.

The fragile hold he had on himself almost broke completely when he saw the fourth Death Eater appear. Fenrir Greyback stepped out of the cabinet, looking at Draco with that feral smile that made Draco’s skin crawl.

Draco took a step back, disgusted by the smell of sweat and blood emanating from the werewolf. “Why is he here?” The question escaped Draco’s lips before he could hold it back.

He’s here because the Dark Lord ordered it so,” Carrow #1 sneered at Draco. “And who are you to question anything, boy. You do as you’re told.”

“What’s the matter, Draco?” Fenrir purred, walking towards Draco. “Not happy to see me? Afraid I might make a snack out of one of your little friends?” Fenrir picked at his teeth with a filthy fingernail.

Draco couldn’t contain the shudder Fenrir’s words caused. He hated this werewolf almost as much as the Dark Lord himself.

Draco had no idea how many more Death Eaters came through after that. All he could think about was Fenrir walking through the halls of his school, possibly attacking one of the students. What if he went after Harry?

Draco’s breath hitched at that thought and his heart began to race wildly. What have I done? What have I done?

“Come on,” Carrow #2 spoke up impatiently, “We don’t have all night. Lead the way, Draco.”

Draco hesitated, making sure he would be able to speak with a strong voice before asking, “Lead the way to where?”

The large blond Death Eater snorted. Draco ignored him.

Carrow #2 sighed impatiently, “The Astronomy Tower. The Dark Lord wants us to set off the Dark Mark to lure Dumbledore there. That’s where you’ll take care of him.”

Draco swallowed hard, trying not to give away any emotion. “Right, then. This way.”

He led them through the maze of junk to the exit. “Just a moment,” Draco stalled for time, “I forgot something.”

Draco heard Carrow #2 mumble under her breath, but didn’t bother to try to listen. He went back to his bag of supplies and removed a few items, keeping only the ones he thought might be useful as they made their way through the castle.

He threw the strap of the bag over his shoulder and returned to the Death Eaters, motioning for them to be quiet while he opened the door and checked to make sure no one was around.

Draco opened the door to find himself face to face with 2 Weasels and Longbottom. He heard Weasley shout, “Malfoy!”

Shit! Draco could feel the panic begin to rise in his chest. They hadn’t even gotten out of the room and were already going to have to fight people he knew. Granted it was them, but still.

Only a moment passed before Draco reached into the bag and threw some of the Peruvian Instant Darkness Powder he had bought from the Weasley’s shop. A bit ironic, that, Draco thought as the air around them became pitch black.

Draco clutched the Hand of Glory which gave him enough light to see clearly where he was going. “Hurry!” he yelled to the Death Eaters, “Grab on to each other and form a line. I’ll lead you all through the corridor.”

He heard the shuffle of feet and robes as the Death Eaters organized themselves. Draco gave a slight shiver as he felt Carrow #1’s hand grasp the back of his robes. “You’d better get us out of here safely, Malfoy,” he snarled into Draco’s ear.

Draco didn’t bother to answer as he led the motley crew down the hall. He wasn’t sure how long the darkness would last, so he hurried them through it as quickly as possible. When they emerged from the blackness, the Death Eaters released each other and continued to follow Draco towards the Astronomy Tower.

They were nearly there when they heard the sound of numerous footsteps running in their direction. Draco reached for more Instant Darkness Powder only to find the container empty.

Damn it! Before he could think of anything else he heard one of the Death Eaters behind him fire off a curse at the group who had appeared at the end of the corridor.

He saw Prof. McGonagall and the werewolf that used to teach them, along with what had to be another Weasley, a woman he didn’t know and the three Gryffindors he thought he left behind. More footsteps were approaching.

Oh fuck. Draco ducked as a curse flew by him, his heart skipping a beat at the close call. He searched for a place to hide, but couldn’t make out much of anything through the chaos. He knew he was supposed to get up to the Tower, but how the hell was he supposed to do that and not get himself killed?

Then a thought made his blood run cold. If the Weasel was here, did that mean Harry was nearby? What if he showed up and saw Draco with the Death Eaters? What if he showed up and got hurt? Or killed?

Draco stooped low and dodged through the myriad of duelers to follow the one Death Eater that managed to break through the brawl. He heard the horrific howl of Greyback and hoped like hell that meant he had been killed.

The man came running down from the tower just as Draco got to the bottom of the staircase. “I set off the Mark. Get up there, NOW!” he yelled before joining his comrades once again.

Draco scrambled up the steps, more so to get away from the fight than anything else. His nerves were frayed and his pulse was racing like never before. He was looking forward to the fresh air of the Tower.

He slammed the door open and caught a glimpse of a figure standing against the far wall. Without even thinking he shouted, “Expelliarmus!”

As the wand flew to Draco’s outstretched hand, he looked to see who he had disarmed and was completely amazed to see that it was the Headmaster.

I just disarmed Dumbledore? Draco thought disbelievingly. How was that possible? A student being able to disarm one of the most powerful wizards alive just didn’t seem feasible.

Draco didn’t really have time to think about that at the moment, for something else had caught his attention. Two brooms leaning against the wall. Two.

“Who else is here?” he demanded.

Draco’s mind was swimming. Harry spent a lot of time with Dumbledore. Was Harry with him tonight? Had he been here earlier? If so, where was he now? Draco glanced around the tower, expecting to see the Gryffindor step into the light at any moment.

Draco realized the Dumbledore had asked him something in return. Something about being alone.

“No, I’ve got backup. There are Death Eaters here in your school tonight.” Draco wasn’t sure if he was telling him or warning him. Although the Dark Mark had probably already tipped him off to that fact.

“Well, well, very good indeed,” Dumbledore replied, “You found a way to let them in, did you?”

“Yeah,” Draco panted, breathing even heavier than before now that he was actually face to face with the Headmaster, “Right under your nose and you never realized!”

Draco heard the accusation in his words. How could the almighty Dumbledore not have known what he had been doing? Wasn’t he supposed to know everything that went on at Hogwarts? He was always swooping in to save Harry, why couldn’t he have saved Draco this time? Was he not worth the effort?

“Ingenious,” the Headmaster said. “Yet ... forgive me...where are they now? You seem unsupported.”

“They met some of your guards. They’re having a fight down below.” Draco swallowed at the memory of Greyback’s howl. He hoped like hell Harry wasn’t down there. “They won’t be long...I came on ahead. I – “ Draco paused to steady his voice, “I’ve got a job to do.”

“Well, then, you must get on and do it, my dear boy.” Dumbledore stared at Draco expectantly.

Draco looked into Dumbledore’s face and was surprised at the calmness he saw there. How the hell could he be so calm at a time like this? Didn’t he realize there were Death Eaters fighting downstairs? Didn’t he realize Draco was supposed to kill him?

Just do it and get it over with, a voice inside Draco’s head cried out. He raised his wand a bit higher and tried to steady his arm, but he couldn’t do it. He could not form the words in his terrified brain.

“Draco, Draco, you are not a killer.”

Dumbledore’s voice startled him and his defenses flared to life. “How do you know?” Draco lashed out, wincing at how childish that sounded. “You don’t know what I’m capable of,” Draco shouted, just shy of hysterical, “You don’t know what I’ve done!”

“Oh yes, I do,” Dumbledore replied, and proceeded to tell him how he knew Draco was behind Katie Bell’s curse and the poisoned mead that Weasley drank.

So he did know. Why didn’t he try to stop me? Draco thought to himself. He was about to ask when the sound of a muffled yell drifted up from the fight below. Draco’s stomach tightened as he prayed Harry was not there.

Draco was so focused on the sounds from below that he hadn’t realized Dumbledore was still talking to him until he heard the Headmaster accuse him of being scared to act alone.

“I’m not afraid!” He yelled instinctively. No one says a Malfoy is afraid of anything. “It’s you who should be scared!”

“But why? I don’t think you will kill me, Draco. Killing is not nearly as easy as the innocent believe...”

Tell me about it, Draco almost snorted.

“So tell me, while we wait for your did you smuggle them in here? It seems to have taken you a long time to work out how to do it.”

Draco stared at Dumbledore, knowing he was stalling for time. Draco decided this idea actually had some merit, so he indulged the old man.

As he explained about the cabinet, he kept one ear on the battle. He went back and forth between hoping Harry was far away from the battle to desperately wanting Harry to burst in and save the day. He gave a half crazed laugh in his mind thinking of the time he teased Harry about his hero complex. Where was the hero now?

Draco focused solely on the old man when he again heard him accuse Draco of being responsible for Bell and Weasley.

“Yeah, well, you still didn’t realize who was behind that stuff, did you? Draco spat.

Dumbledore tilted his head, “As a matter of fact, I did. I was sure it was you.”

Draco felt his throat constrict under the pressure of holding back his emotions. “Why didn’t you stop me, then?” There was no mistaking the accusation in his words this time. He knew and did nothing to help Draco. The thought was devastating.

Dumbledore proceeded to inform him of how Snape was supposedly watching over him on the Headmaster’s orders, which Draco wasn’t sure whether to believe or not. He could never tell who’s side Snape was truly on, which was why he never accepted his help.

Unfortunately during their discussion over Snape, Dumbledore came to the realization that Draco had placed Madam Rosemerta under the Imperious curse. Draco had really hoped that wouldn’t come up. He hated doing that to her.

While Dumbledore had Draco rehash every minute detail of his plan, Draco continued to listen for sounds of Harry. He MUST be involved by now. Who was he fighting? Were the Death Eaters after him too? Was he thinking about Draco? Draco said a silent prayer that he was still alive.

Draco’s head snapped to attention when he heard the Headmaster say he wanted to discuss his options.

“I haven’t got any options!” Draco paled as he remembered Harry asking Draco to join his side, and how tempting it had been, but he also remembered the reason why he hadn’t done it. “I’ve got to do it! He’ll kill me! He’ll kill my whole family!” Draco panted, his hands beginning to tremble.

“He cannot kill you if you are already dead. Come over to the right side, Draco, and we can hide you more completely than you can possibly imagine. What is more, I can send members of the Order to your mother tonight to hide her likewise...”

Dumbledore continued on, but Draco wasn’t listening. His mother? They would protect his mother too? Draco had never thought of that possibility. If Harry had offered that protection, would Draco have accepted his offer? Draco’s stomach clenched even tighter as he realized he probably would have.

His heart surged with hope. Maybe it wasn’t too late. He could accept Dumbledore’s offer of protection for the both of them. Maybe he could get Harry to forgive him if he saw that Draco had switched sides after all. Maybe there was a chance...

Draco lowered his wand and was about to speak when the door flew open and he was pushed out of the way.

Four Death Eaters stood facing Dumbledore, taunting him. Draco glanced furiously around the tower, looking for what he wasn’t sure, completely ignoring the conversation taking place before him.

Damn it! He blew it! He had a chance to get out of this mess and he blew it. Draco felt everyone’s eyes on him and he focused on the group once more. Voices were assaulting him from all directions.

“Come on, Draco, do it!”

“Now, Draco, quickly!”

“Draco, do it or stand aside so one of us – “

Draco aimed his wand at Dumbledore again, his hand shaking almost uncontrollably. He felt the tears stinging his eyes, no, no, no chanting over and over in his mind.

At that moment the door burst open and Draco jumped in shock. Snape, wand at the ready, surveyed the scene before him.

Draco wasn’t sure if he was relieved or even more terrified. Whose side was Snape on? Was he going to help Draco or force him to complete his task as ordered?

Draco was staring at Snape when he heard a sound that hardly even registered as the Headmaster’s voice.


Draco’s stomach dropped at that one barely spoken word. He was shoved out of the way again as Snape moved to stand directly in front of Dumbledore.


Snape raised his wand and Draco’s mind screamed NOOOOOO as he saw the flash of green light and Dumbledore’s body blast over the wall and fall out of sight.


Draco was numb.

They were running. He wasn’t sure where, all he was aware of was that he was with Snape and Dumbledore was dead.

Dumbledore was dead, and the last chance Draco had was gone. There was no hope now.

He was vaguely aware of the fighting going on around him, the bodies lying on the ground. He may have even stepped in blood, but he wasn’t sure.

My fault. All my fault.  

They kept running, somehow getting through the fray unscathed. Draco realized they were heading for the front doors.

But where would they go after that?

The thought of returning to the Dark Lord after failing to kill Dumbledore was petrifying. Would they kill him? Would they kill his mother? Would they force him to watch his mother die?

Draco's breathing came in labored gasps, but it wasn't due to the physical exertion of running. He was in a total state of panic.

They were on the grounds now, heading towards the front gates. Draco realized Snape was going to apparate them away as soon as they crossed the wards.

They were getting closer when Draco heard a voice shout from behind them. A voice he didn't think he would ever hear again.

Draco turned around to see Harry running after them. He saw Harry throw a curse at Snape which Snape deflected easily.

"Run, Draco!" Snape yelled at him, but Draco froze to watch the confrontation unfold.

Draco watched them exchange and block curses, screaming at each other. He couldn't make out what they were saying at this distance, but he could clearly see the unadulterated hatred radiating off of Harry. Right now that hatred was focused on Snape, but would he turn it on Draco too?

Draco wished he could talk to him, explain what happened. But what good would that do? Harry had offered his help, and Draco refused. He chose to continue with his plan knowing what the outcome would be. He hadn't had enough faith in Harry, and now he had to live with the consequences.

He hoped.

Draco caught a glimpse of light reflecting off of Harry's glasses. At that moment he wanted nothing more than to look into those eyes that captured his heart and have Harry offer his help one more time. Just one more time.

I would accept this time, Harry.

Draco's heart leapt in his throat as he watched Harry and Snape scuffle. Should he try to help? Would Snape kill him if he did?

The internal argument became moot when he saw Snape fire one last curse at Harry and watched, in shocked disbelief, as a crazed hippogriff flew at his Head of House. Draco turned and ran for the gates, Snape hot on his heels.

Draco felt Snape grab his arm, and in the instant before they disapparted Draco looked back at Harry one last time.

Someday he would find a way to explain to Harry why he did what he did.

Someday he would make it up to Harry. He would find a way to help Harry defeat the crazed lunatic Draco was sure he was about to face.


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